New Moon Rituals

New Moon Rituals

Tomorrow we enter the New Moon phase in Taurus (leaving Aries behind…we all know how I feel about Aries!) I was browsing for something new to do or add to my New Moon ritual because it is one of the most important and beneficial times to do moon magick. I stumbled across this well written and thought out article and wanted to share it with my fellow witchy women/men. I have copied and pasted for your convenience as well as provided the link at the bottom. Happy New Moon! Ο


Each New Moon is a brand new beginning.  It offers the opportunity make a change, to re-orient yourself or to conjure a new aspect of yourself and your life into being.

It is the beginning of the lunar cycle but it’s more than just a temporal marker.  It’s the turning point, at which Luna’s energetic influence begins to grow, as the light energy she receives and reflects to Earth from the Sun starts to steadily increase.  This affects our own emotional, mental and physical energy.

This lunar cycle is one of many continual rhythms of high – low – high – low energy, that are constantly flowing around and through us.  Nature knows this, it’s how it builds itself up and consolidates, in stages, and doesn’t burn itself out.  This is our natural template for growth and change, too, even though we may try to override it and work at a constant pace.

The change we desire is far more effective if we work towards it to this rhythm, and do so with conscious intent, rather than letting our subconscious be in control.

This is the basis upon which many people hold New Moon rituals – to make the most of these points in time, when Luna energy begins to move from a low to  a high level, so that whatever desires and intentions are set, can also make the transition from low energy, or thought form, into their higher energy state, and real life manifestation.

The idea of a ritual can be scary for some people, as for them it may imply witchcraft, the occult, and potential danger if done incorrectly.  But in this context, the ritual comprises of simply sitting down in a quiet space and spending a little time in deep thought and intent.  There are so many variations on this theme, but I’ve put together a super simple list of steps to follow, in order to do a short and effective New Moon Ritual.

I have also included a method for really supercharging your ritual to bring about some pretty intense results.

 1.  Think about your intentions for the lunar month.

During the last phase of the previous lunar cycle (leading up to this point), we were all encouraged to spend time in self-reflection.  It’s good to use this dark time to assess where we have reached in our lives, and where we’d like to go from here, so you may have already formulated your intentions – great.  If not, spend a little time now digging deep, and see if you can uncover what it is that you want, that will take you to the next stages in your life.

Make a list of your desires and intentions, either mentally, or write it on a piece of paper.

2.  Create sacred space

This may mean literally creating space in 3D, with incense, a candle, flowers or whatever else you feel you want to make it work for you.  I love to burn a little Palo Santo (holy wood), it’s hugely purifying both for real space, and for the aura.  Years ago a friend introduced me to it on a workshop and its scent never fails to instantly take me to a place of deep spiritual power.

Sacred space really is a metaphysical place away from the activity and concerns of normal life, somewhere you can go internally that is safe and peaceful and where your thoughts and intention carry with them the purpose held in your heart.  There are so many ways to do this, but for now, being still, centering and focusing on your heart are just perfect.

3.  Ground yourself

It is really important to connect with Earth and her energies, particularly when performing a New Moon ritual.  If you are going to channel, or harness universal or Luna energies (see the next point) then grounding will help it to become effective in the realm of 3D.  Doing this ceremony outside is a good place to start, but not essential, and don’t forget that the New Moon can occur at any point during the day or night, so there’s no need to wait until the sun goes down to perform this ritual.

The way I like to ground is by sitting and generating a deep love and affection for the Earth in my heart, then with intent, sending, and feeling this love go deep into Earths core.  Before long, you can feel this love come back and a connection is formed (or remembered).

4.  Open you crown chakra to Luna energy.

Do this by feeling or visualizing your crown chakra (the energy center that lies right at the top of your head, and is ‘facing’ upwards, unlike the other chakras which are facing forwards) open up like a flower. You may feel this as a tingling sensation, or not, both are perfectly fine. Then with this chakra open, see, sense or feel lunar energy streaming down from above, entering right into it, and flowing into your body. Really connect with the Moon and know that you are absorbing this energy into your physical, and etheric bodies.

This step is sometimes omitted or overlooked, but it is exactly what takes your ritual from being effective, to being supercharged, because it embodies the power that actually goes to the root of this whole process, I’ll explain:

The vibrational codes that lunar energy contains involve magnetism and attraction.  This is because lunar energy is fundamentally female, yin or Shakti energy, as opposed to solar energy, which is masculine, yang or Shiva energy (which is also why generally, women are affected by Moon phases more than men are).

Think about the differences between masculine and feminine power.

Masculine power is initiating, active, controlling and competitive, whereas feminine power is more alluring, nurturing, yielding and graceful.

I want to clarify that both men and women contain masculine and feminine energies – this is not something based on gender.

Now think about the Law of Attraction (which is what we are utilizing when setting intentions through a New Moon ritual).  This Law doesn’t require us to work like crazy, chasing our dreams, for this would only lead to more of the same.  What it does require of us is to open up to the interconnected flow of life, to nurture and nudge it in the direction of our desires, by knowing what we want, loving it, delighting in it and being a magnet to it, then being there, open hearted to fully receive what it offers to us.

So the Law of Attraction operates on what are essentially feminine qualities.

We already know that lunar energy also contains these feminine qualities, so it follows that when we intentionally accept and absorb lunar energy into our beings, we are assimilating exactly the vibration needed to activate the Law of Attraction.

So this is why step four of this ritual is so powerful!

5.  Read or speak your New Moon intentions

When you speak your intentions out loud, it is the first step in conjoring them into being.  Things become different when you say them out loud, they go from being ideas existing only in the realm of though, to potential realities outside of your own body. You are also releasing your claim over these intentions, and allowing them to be formed and supported by forces beyond only you.

6.  Give Gratitude

By closing the ceremony with thanks, you enter into an agreement that your desires are manifesting!  Remember the Law of Attraction – gratitude brings more to be grateful for!

There are many, many variations on this ritual, but the most important aspect to every step you take, is enjoyment. It is not meant to be a solemn affair, so have fun!


The Moon School  <–click here to be directed to the source

New Crystals & Shop Review

New Crystals & Shop Review

Happy Monday! Is anyone else on the struggle bus? I had a super action packed weekend and am paying for it today. I did get to work with a package on my desk though which turned my morning around. I had ordered some crystals on Etsy and they arrived super fast so I thought I would do a “crystal of the day” post but write about each one I received. I ordered Opalite, Amethyst and Howlite but received a free Girasol gift with purchase. The shop packaged so well and there was a Chakra card included. I have included their shop link at the bottom of this post. I highly recommend them!

Opalite: Opalite is a man made glass stone that is usually milky and iridescent in color. It has many properties to it such as promotion of wealth, sexual experiences are heightened, meditation aid, aid in changing times, and self esteem. It gives off a light energy that can also be used for purification.

Girasol: This is a clear stone that promotes healing on all levels. It can be used with dream work and enhances communication. If you find yourself having difficulty expressing yourself, Girasol is a strong but gentle stone that can help. Because of this, it can be used to open up your throat Chakra.

Howlite: Howlite is naturally white with gray/black veins throughout. It takes dye easily and can be dyed to resemble turquoise. It’s a powerful stone that is surprisingly less expensive than other stones and can be used as a great alternative. It promotes safety in travels, calming, sleep aid, and it can help release old emotional pains. Some may also use it to heighten creativity and sense of awareness.

Amethyst: Universally known for opening the third eye, it makes sense that this stone is strongest in tapping into psychic abilities. It is also widely known for protection. My favorite pendulums are those crafted with amethyst.

I frequently carry my crystals with me or put them in my bra, so needless to say I lose them from time to time. I have ordered Amethyst more times than I care to admit, and this shop had quality, large stones! Will be buying from them again. Click HERE to visit the Magick Wizard Etsy shop!


The Power of Reiki & Crystals

The Power of Reiki & Crystals

Row of Chakra Crystals

My younger sister stopped by the burrow yesterday (the name of my cottage in case you are wondering 😉 ) and asked me to cleanse her spell bottle and do reiki on her. My little witchy heart was beaming with pride. I hadn’t done reiki on someone else in a long time so I was slightly nervous I had lost my touch but sure enough when I activated my reiki my hands got hot and I could feel all the energies between us. After I had completed the session I used my clear quartz pendulum to check her Chakras. The pendulum was still over every Chakra except her heart. This was no surprise to me because her heart chakra was a mess to be honest. I did more work on it while placing a Rose Quartz over her heart. I again took the pendulum and checked the Chakra while the crystal was still on her and pendulum didn’t move. I took the crystal off and tried the pendulum again and it instantly started swinging in a circle. I of course am a believer in crystal healing but even this blew me away. Actual proof that crystals absorb our energies and can heal us. I told her to go home and put on her Rose Quartz necklace and come back for follow up work. For a young person going through a lot of shit I am incredibly proud that her root and crown were so steady. My crown is always a hot damn mess. Not enough clear quartz in the world that can calm my crown down some days. I should add that when I had her on my stomach my asshole cat was swatting at her hair and face under the massage table. Cats and animals are super drawn to me when I have my crystals out and doing reiki. They have also been known to jump on the bed while I am doing my healing. It’s strange how animals can pick up those frequencies so much easier than humans.

After doing reiki I sometimes feel worn out emotionally but this session charged me up the way the moon charges crystals. I feel very enlightened and energetic today.

Yesterday my manfriend and I also rearranged my altar. We normally would do so during a full or new moon, but we hadn’t done it since right after Ostara so it felt like a good time. The theme is motivation to help get me through real estate class and him through his journeyman classes. We  made a spell bottle with rosemary, calendula, comfrey, and hibiscus as well as Himalayan pink sea salt and sand from our beach. We placed it in the center of the altar over the Ace of Wands card from my Goddess Tarot deck. The ace of wands is the “go for it” card and is tied strongly with success and drive.


Heroin & Housing

Heroin & Housing

I have written at length about addiction, specifically Heroin. Yesterday in Real Estate school I was on the section that covers Fair Housing laws and Civil Rights Acts. My mind is completely BLOWN by what I was reading. It’s great that people can be protected by laws if they are gay, straight, black, Asian, white, disabled, married, single, or from another country. Even alcoholism is viewed as a disability. BUT, if you are a known drug addict, you can be denied housing rights. On the end of chapter test it asked “what would disqualify you from having the right to file suit regarding fair housing?”

a. Alcoholism

b. Heroin use

c. Mental illness

d. Race

I understand the stigma that comes along with Heroin. Trust me. Heroin is the ugly skeleton that used to hide in my family’s closet. The elephant in the room at Christmas parties. The skeletal shell of a person that was once my vibrant little brother. It BREAKS MY HEART knowing that this disease can prevent people legally from obtaining HUMAN CREATURE COMFORTS like housing. There has been very few amendments since the original Civil Rights Act of 1866. In fact it was not amended until 1964 and again in 1968. The Fair Housing Act came out after and both are meant to protect HUMAN RIGHTS.  If you are or were a drug addict you are STILL A HUMAN. My blood boils. Something has to change. Addiction is addiction. IT IS A DISEASE. Are we going to wait another 200 years to acknowledge that addiction to Opiates is sweeping the nation???


Waning Crescent Magick

Waning Crescent Magick

Starting on March 21st we will enter the waning crescent moon phase in Aquarius (my loves sign <3).

The waning crescent moon is the best time to clear your life of chaos or bring things to an end. If something has been plaguing you or stressing you out, now is the time to banish it. Serious threats however should be saved for the dark moon. Waning crescent is good for frustrations or annoying issues. This is the moon to give up a project or goal that is not coming to fruition, a relationship that isn’t working out, or friendships that  no longer serve you.

If you are not comfortable  yet with doing your own spell work you can search the internet for things such as “banishing spells” “spells for removal” or “protection spells”. Don’t fret if the spell requires things you don’t have. The most power comes from you setting your intention with the universe. Candles and other items just aid in the intention manifesting.

The candles you should burn during this moon phase should be white for protection and black for removal/banishing. Those are universal colors. You can find colored ones that serve your specific request better (pinterest and google are excellent sources for candle color and how it coincides with spell work). Remember when doing spell work to NEVER blow the candle out. ALWAYS  snuff it out and thank your higher power.


My Only Crime in Life Was Loving Bad Men.

My Only Crime in Life Was Loving Bad Men.

Today I was pondering over how different life is today than it was a year ago, two years ago, three years ago. It’s always been a mystery to me how day to day can be so mundane and seemingly the same but somehow I am leaps and bounds away from the life I used to have. In my 29 years of life I have packed in a lot of living. I have survived a deployment, death (so much death), domestic violence, stalking, divorce, and everything in between. I was talking to my boyfriends’ friends wife about all this and we both determined we wouldn’t do anything different. I used to feel shame for being a young wife and it not working out. I now view it as a blessing because I know now what kind of wife I want to be and what kind of husband I want. There is only one thing I would do differently. The first time my boyfriend (before my marriage) put his hands on me I should have left. Each time it happened it added more years of suffering from PTSD and anxiety. To this day if someone even raises their voice at me I recoil. When I was a child I touched a hot stove and blistered my whole hand. For years I wouldn’t go near the oven. Similarly, he burned my soul and I avoided opening up to people and loving the right way for fear of being burned over and over again. The thing is, it happened anyways. I wasn’t physically being beaten but there was always some pattern of abuse taking place.  Had I opened up and allowed the right people in I would have avoided a lot of suffering. I am not entirely the victim either. I did my share of treating people shitty because hurt people HURT others. I spent a good portion of my adult life feeling hurt. Not on a surface level but it was cut very deep inside of me. Something stirred inside of me this last break up though and I learned more about myself than I thought possible. I used my pain as fuel to become the best woman I know how to be. It should be noted for the sake of that person’s reputation that there was no abuse or harm done to me in that relationship other than adding to my abandonment complex. I am still working everyday on improving who I am and what I do with my life. In the words of Tim McGraw

I ain’t no angel
I still got a still few more dances with the devil
I’m cleanin’ up my act, little by little
I’m getting there
I can finally stand the man in the mirror I see
I ain’t as good as I’m gonna get
But I’m better than I used to be

I’ve never had a drug problem. I never committed a crime worse than running a red light, I’ve never even gotten a ticket or been pulled over. My only crime in life was loving bad men and allowing them to hurt me. I had no sense of my worth. “we accept the love we think we deserve” was never more true. I did not love me so I accepted shitty love. Part of my “recovery” from this is sorting through it and I find writing on it is therapeutic. It opens up the closet inside and shakes out the dust and fragments of lingering pain. Each time I open it up I feel less empty and less fearful.

I opened up Warrior’s for Women not only to hopefully help other women but to further heal my own pain. We are a small organization but the few women I have guided through the judicial process of freeing yourself from abuse has liberated my soul a little each time. So frequently women will say “I feel so stupid, don’t judge me.” That kills me inside. Why are these victims apologizing and asking to not be judged when they did nothing to warrant that? Why do we further victimize ourselves by judging ourselves?

I guess there is no real purpose for this blog other than to acknowledge and forgive myself. I hope if someone is reading this and going through something similar they find hope that there is freedom. There are safe ways to leave dangerous situations and there are warm and loving hearts out there that can help you heal. You are not alone. You don’t have to feel like you are always walking on eggshells and that you have chains around your heart and mind. You can be free to think and act however you want without retribution.


Two Week Keto Check In

Two Week Keto Check In

It’s been a little over two weeks but I wanted to go over how I have been doing on Keto. I know a lot of my friends have asked about it and a lot of my friends started doing it with me and are feeling fantastic!

I have lost 5 pounds! The diet is so satisfying that I don’t even feel tempted to cheat. When I am cooking dinner I can even make my boyfriend’s sides (potatoes, bread, etc.) without snagging a bite. I generally eat a salad or zoodles cooked in butter and cheese with low carb sauces. I have found a variety of them so I don’t get sick of eating zoodles every night. I am really picky about veggies so I am grateful to have found something that works for me!

This weekend we are having friends over and going to a party and social events are always a small cause for concern. Tonight we are going to make ribs and keto approved pizza dip and for the party tomorrow I am bringing a keto approved jalapeno popper dip so I will stay on track. Sunday I’m making a crock post roast and mashed cauliflower. I only mention this because even weekends can be doable on keto! It’s really just about substitution and your macros. I don’t count calories at all. I use my fitness pal to input each meal and then check my macros to make sure they are on point. Even when I am busy and running around I can stick to Keto. As an example: on Sunday I fell down my front porch steps and twisted my ankle, gashed open my knee and right hand and couldn’t walk the next day. I stayed home from work and couldn’t cook because of my right hand being jammed and sliced open. My sister brought me an ultimate cheeseburger and side salad. I threw the bun away and ate the burger patties on the salad. Boom, was in Ketosis. So many people have said they think doing super low carb is too difficult but there are SO many resources and recipes to be successful!

I am planning on doing Keto for about   6 weeks and see where I am at then. I have started taking progress pics and will start measuring (after that monthly bitch women love so much vacates the premises). Due to that I am a little bloated and gained some water weight but my clothes feel looser!

Here is a pic of what a good Keto day looks like for macros