My First Psychic Reading & Physical Transformation

My First Psychic Reading & Physical Transformation

Normally I would separate out two such different blog posts, but I am feeling super energetic and want to get it all down in one flow.

Yesterday I went had my first psychic reading from a medium (I obviously do my own tarot daily, but my third eye is not wide open like hers). I decided to go see her after I listened to my friend’s recording of her experience with her. It was astounding how accurate she was. She instantly picked up on the fact I am in school, strong, creative, skilled, smart, and talented. Much of the personal items she touched on I won’t get into…but I will say she knew names and characteristics of people close to my life. She also asked if I was a healer as she saw Archangel Michael and a green light surrounding me. I told her I just recently got certified in Reiki and she said I should utilize my healing power more on animals than humans because humans tend to suck energy out of me. This was actually spot on, as sometimes when I work on someone that has a lot of stuff going on, I feel very wiped out and sad. That is the empath in me sucking up everything. She did connect me with my late grandfather and brother and let me know they have both crossed over and are happy and watching over me. The characteristics she described my brother as having were him to a T. He was being quirky and protective and funny over me like he was during his time here on Earth. Him and the psychic told me I am ok and will be ok. In fact, I will be very successful and need to stop holding myself back from opening my third eye completely. She even told me my grandpa is listening to the blues in heaven. My grandpa LOVED the blues, specifically the blues brothers. She answered a lot of questions I had about my brother, our connection, my current situations and what I should do going forward. I feel very enlightened and like a burden was lifted off my shoulders. She allowed me to record it so I can listen to it in times of need. If you are local here is the link for her store: Kass Huff

It was easily the best $50 I ever spent and very eye opening. With that I left feeling invigorated to stay on the path I am on.  So as of today I am going to really push myself to get my physical well-being up to par with my mental well-being. I have always been pretty diligent about what I eat and working out to some extent but I want to really push myself with clean eating, Yoga, and my circuit workouts to get back on track. Although I love myself and encourage everyone to handle themselves with grace and kindness, I also acknowledge when there is room for improvement. I have an obtainable goal of losing 15 pounds and gaining muscle and I know the kind of work that requires and intend to be very mindful in all my workouts and meal prepping to help get me there.

I hope everyone is having as enlightened and blessed day as I am. Blessed BE!

Even the Brightest Stars Have a Dull Day

Even the Brightest Stars Have a Dull Day

I have channeled all my positive vibes and energy into the world and felt so uplifted and amazed at the blessings from the Universe, but even the most positive of people have days where they get in a funk. For me, that day is today. I had such a healing and fabulous weekend that its disheartening to feel this blue on a Monday. But I am human above all else and getting in a funk is inevitable. I am trying to refocus my thoughts and feelings but a lot of people have been quite frankly rude to me today and I soak up all of that being the empath that I am. I also was wide awake from midnight to 4 AM so my senses are bleary and bogged down.

I have to remember that I cannot control the actions and words of others. I cannot force anyone to handle me with kindness and care. All I can do is react in a graceful way as I have done this whole time. It’s a big and painful pill to swallow when someone shows their true colors to you.

Please keep me in your healing thoughts today. I need a little extra light in my direction.

Blessed be.

FACTS & FICTION About Being A Wiccan.

FACTS & FICTION About Being A Wiccan.

It’s difficult when you adopt a new religion or belief system that takes you from what you knew growing up and what is widely accepted. Like many, I grew up Christian. I wasn’t incredibly devout, but I definitely had a strong relationship with God and Jesus. When did I question that belief system and when did I change my heart and mind? It started when my brother killed himself. Christianity will have you believe that your loved one has not been allowed entry into Heaven. The God I knew and loved my whole life surely wouldn’t shun my loving, smart, kind, and funny brother because he had a mental illness would He? Then my Grandpa killed himself. Then my cousin. & I was still in turmoil thinking they were banished to Hell for their actions. That was the moment I began to question it all and lose my sight. So for years I have been wandering around with my heart and soul half ass invested in a religion. Fast forward to a few months back. I began meditating and using crystals as  a natural method to combat anxiety. I have ALWAYS been drawn to Magick. I spoke on this in my opening blog. I never thought it was an option to live my life by it though. The crystals and incense turned into picking up a few books on Wiccan practices and then a full blown research went underway. The more I read, the more this felt like home. Now, my FACTS and FICTION might not be the same as every other Wiccan. You will find that Wicca is a very flexible, accepting, and forgiving religion. What I am going to tell you is based on my beliefs.

FICTION: Wiccans Worship the Devil 

This is absolutely FALSE. Wicca is about spreading love, kindness, healing and light into the world. How many devil worshiping folks do you know live by that motto?

FICTION : Wiccans Do Not Believe in God 

Again, completely false. This gal believes in God and Jesus. My view on God however is probably a bit different than yours. God to me is an entity. He is all things and touches every part of the universe. He isn’t a guy in the sky that controls your life and lets shitty shit happen to you. He realizes that we are the masters of our own universe and is there for guidance when called upon.

FACT: Wiccans are Tree Huggin’ Hippies 

Much of the Wiccan religion is closely tied with nature and the blessings we receive from it. We feel a deep connection to nature and all living things.

FICTION: Wiccans Curse People 

To be Wiccan one does not even need to practice the Craft, however the majority do to some degree. Are there Wiccans that practice Black Magick? Yes. Just like there are priests that molest and rape children, every religion has some bad eggs. The general rule though is to only practice White Magick. The motto literally is to do no harm to others and using Magick that can sway a person in a certain direction unwillingly is not considered White Magick, neither is “cursing”. & Let’s clear up the Magick thing really quick while we are at it. We do not believe we can snap our fingers, say a chant and light a candle and all of a sudden the Universe delivers us our hearts desires. Magick is more of setting an intention out into the world using tools we believe help carry that out. Kitchen Magick is even more believable because for centuries people have been using herbs, oils, and spices to cure maladies and promote well-being. We are just old fashioned folks that do things different than you and then call it “magick”.

To summarize, I am not an evil person. I am actually more full of love and life than I ever have been before. I sit in my cottage and meditate with crystals and rocks, I bless people from afar, and I do rituals during the full moon, but that doesn’t make me a weirdo. I also go to work from 9-5, watch trash TV, go shopping with girlfriends and everything else most other 29 year old girls do.

I hope in reading this, if you are not a Wiccan, this has enlightened you a bit on the ways we work. Blessed be!


Reiki for Addiction.

Reiki for Addiction.

Today’s focus is Reiki and its effects on recovering addicts or detoxing addicts.

If anyone knows a thing or two about addiction it’s me. Both sides of my family have a long line of addicts. Heroin, alcohol, pills, you name it, we’ve done it. I personally struggle with alcohol abuse and have sat in the ICU watching my brother breathe through a ventilator because of a medically induced coma no thanks to Heroin.

Addiction is a heavy load to carry. Forget the weight of the world on your shoulders. You have not only the weight of the world, you have your demons, your battles, societal judgement, angst, fear, and sadness weighing you down. You have a feeling of hopelessness that makes every day a battle. Your body hurts, your soul aches and your heart is numb. People are angry with you. You have lost people. The loss is impacting your ability to physically and mentally function. Sometimes you think the world would be a better place without you. But the world needs you. You know why? Because we are the strong ones, we are the warriors. We have walked through the shadows and slept with the devil and lived to tell the tale. Anyone can roll over and let the world fuck them sideways but the ones with real strength stood up to the toughest critics; ourselves.

So you have admitted your problem and started working through it day by day, piece by piece. Some days are harder than others. But there are resources for us to thrive in this life. Reiki is one of the many.

Reiki is energy work that balances you and makes you feel whole. Reiki releases angst, tension, stress, worry, and aches. Reiki can virtually pull the demons out of you. There have been studies that those withdrawing from alcohol or drugs have entered a session shaking, sweaty, and sick, and left with no tremors. The tremors did not return. Reiki is wonderful for addicts because it not only works on your physical well-being but also your mental health.

Addicts know that Reiki, meditation, AA, NA, etc. alone will not heal us or keep us in recovery. It takes our own will to live and our love for ourselves, but Reiki can be used as a tool to assist in the journey.

If you are suffering from addiction or in recovery, I urge you to try Reiki and you are in my healing thoughts and prayers. If I do a Reiki session on you I promise to invest every ounce of healing power I possess to help you overcome this. We are in it together.

Blessed be and Namaste!


Crystal & Herb of the Day 2.15.17

Crystal & Herb of the Day 2.15.17

I have decided to start a feature on The Witty Witch where I go over a select crystal and a select herb each day. This will show case the healing properties and uses of each. I got this idea after receiving “The Crystal Bible”.  There is SO much to learn about Crystals! I figured I would add an herb in there too, because what kind of Witty Witch would I be if I didn’t educate people on how to use herbs for more than just flavoring food!


This truly is an amazing crystal! I chose this one because I picked it up this weekend because of its properties that help with asthma. As the season is beginning to change to the beloved (and dreaded) Spring, my asthma has taken a turn for the worse. I prefer not to suck on my inhaler like a lollipop because of the jittery side effects. Last night I was feeling a bit wheezy so I laid on the couch and placed the Apophyllite on my chest. Within moments the wheezing subsided without the use of my inhaler. I was in shock! Apophyllite has many other benefits as well. It’s a powerful crystal that can be used for the following: 

  • Can be used in Reiki Healing sessions. It is actually referred to as THE crystal for Reiki. It serves as a conduit for pure, universal energy. Since Reiki work is all based on energies, it makes sense to use one during a session to channel that energy appropriately.
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • During meditation. Place on the third eye Chakra.
  • Emits powerful vibrations to relieve anxiety
  • Spiritually uplifts you – hold on to while praying or meditating
  • Can alleviate allergy symptoms
  • Can be placed over tired eyes to rejuvenate.

Apophyllite comes in many different colors, shapes and sizes but all have the same primary function.





HERB OF THE DAY: Lemongrass 

I wanted to showcase an herb that would work well with Apophyllite. Lemongrass is not well known as being an herb that brings a spiritual awareness, but it does! It is best used when one is feeling unmotivated or is procrastinating. It can be brewed in a tea form, or rolled on in the form of an infused oil. It also helps with the following: 

  • Helps keep healthy levels of cholesterol
  • Detoxing- helps flush out harmful toxins
  • Digestion – can aid in treatment of ulcers, IBS, and other digestive disorders
  • Respiratory- can help with nasal/sinus blockages and colds and coughs
  • Infections- Lemongrass is an antiseptic and may ward off infection
  • Skin care- helps those with oily or acne prone skin
  • Aromatherapy- Revives the mind and soul

Lemongrass can be used in an essential oil form or in pure herb form. Can be used to infuse teas (loose leaf) or added to baths, lotions, and other beauty products. Can be inhaled for aromatherapy effects.


Get Off the Hamster Wheel- Awaken.

Get Off the Hamster Wheel- Awaken.

WHAT exactly does it mean to be “Spiritually Awoken” and why is it so important to those who talk about it and live by it?

DEFINITION: An Awakening is when the confused and frightened self transcends to a higher consciousness, an awareness full of love and peace. A spiritual Awakening should not be confused with “enlightenment”, that may be defined as an intellectual understanding of higher religious principals.

Imagine yourself as you may be now. Waking up to your alarm, brushing your teeth, grabbing your coffee, going to work, coming home, making your dinner, and going to bed. Going through the motions of life with no thoughts about why you’re doing what you’re doing. Never questioning if this is the best life for you. Not even materialistically, but spiritually, mentally, and physically. This would be the life of an individual that is not “awake.”

An awakening sometimes comes after a shattering. I had started to awaken prior to my shattering, but was still confined by the comforts of my routine and my life. I had started to widen my spiritual horizons and open my third eye, but it was still clouded by the mundane acts of normal life. Then came the shattering. Imagine me standing on a cliff looking around and a gust of wind (the shattering) came full force and pushed me over the edge. I was physically and mentally shoved beyond my comfort zone. I had two options. I could sink to the bottom, or I could rise above. I chose to rise. It’s now as though I am sitting on a cloud above the person I was before as well as the rest of the population that is still walking around closed off with the wool over their eyes. I have a handful of friends that are on those clouds with me, and let me tell you…we are in love with being on a higher frequency. This is not metaphorically speaking that we are better or above anyone, we are just vibing on a higher frequency that promotes the best life possible.

WHAT is it like to be awake? Being awake means you set the terms for your day. You choose to have a good day, day after day. You choose to absorb love. You choose to see everything in it’s entirety. A person that is awake will not just see a flower and pass by it. An awake person will see the flower, and be filled with gratitude and give thanks to the universe for supplying us with such aesthetic beauty to enhance our life. An awake person won’t just see an apple. They will envision the scent, the tartness of that first bite, the juice dripping down your chin as you bite into it. Awakened people feel x 10, see beyond the cloud that veils most things, and controls their universe. Their hearts are open, their third eye is crystal clear and they love life. We are not run by emotions, although we feel them all very strongly. We are more than a hamster on the wheel of life…we are LIVING life.

How do you wake up? You do not have have to have a shattering to wake up. You can start this very moment to take the steps to unveiling your life. It starts with mindfulness. Be mindful of every thought, breath, moment in your day. Appreciate it. Actively choose to feel gratitude for everything you experience, even sadness or heartache. Thank your Higher Power often. Write affirmations that are catered to you (not just the generic ones you see on Pinterest. Create your own!). Treat yourself kindly. Read materials that promote awakening. Find an awakened friend and have deep conversations about life and its beauty. If all else fails, there is always LSD. It will naturally peel back the layers for you. I’m not kidding either. When used correctly, LSD can be a powerful tool to treating depression, anxiety, and “clouding” of your inner eye.

This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play. – Alan Watts

I strongly recommend listening to any material by Alan Watts and reading any of his works. Also, anything by Abraham Hicks.

Even awakened individuals grow and learn EVERY.Single.Day. We still have bad hair days and we still feel sadness, it’s how we react to these moments that set us apart. Join us on the other side, I promise the grass is greener here.

The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves. – Alan Watts 


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


I have been making my own supplies for some time and then started to come up with ideas for friends that needed some holistic healing in their life and thought it would be awesome to be able to spread that to everyone! This is not for a huge profit, prices will always be fair for my time, work, and supplies, and I promise to pour all the energy, love, and light I can into each product. My supplies are starting to roll in and I will post once the Etsy shop is up! Here are some items I will offer at first:

Herb & Essential Oil Fused Oil – These can be used for anointing candles or rolled on before meditation, yoga, work, etc for an enlightened mood or sense of clarity (determined by herbs and oils used.) A few drops can be added to bath water for the same effect.

Custom Herb Sachets – You tell what you’re experiencing and I will make you a custom Sachet of Herbs soaked in Essential oils that can be left in your car, thrown in a bath (similar to steeping tea), left by your bed, etc. Herbs and oils have immense healing properties. Each Sachet will be cleansed with Sage and a personal prayer to bless it before shipment.

Hand Chosen & Cleansed Crystals – I will make trips to several crystal shops and hand choose different crystals that have different healing properties. I will sage cleanse them and bless them before sending off as well. These will also be available in a necklace variety for those who like to wear their crystals throughout the day.

UPDATE: Also adding Soy Candles in Mason Jars infused with herbs and essential oils and blossoms!