Row of Chakra Crystals


People who are unfamiliar with crystals or crystal healing might find it odd that people meditate while holding stones, or lie down with a row of stones/crystals running down their body, but there is a reason people do this. Crystals are said to hold energies inside them. Different crystals hold different energies. Therefore if we have a lot of nervous energy, we should try meditating with a crystal that helps reduce stress or anxiety. If we are feeling like we aren’t communicating well, we can use a different crystal for that, and so on and so forth.


Crystals can be used in a number of ways. There is no set or correct way to use them. It has to feel right for the individual. Choose crystals you are drawn to. You can use them while meditating by holding on to them in your hand. You can place them in a circle around you. I particularly enjoy lining them up on the edge of the bath tub while soaking in bubbles and listening to Reiki music. I got a tip from a girlfriend also…when you’re busy and on the go, stuff the crystal of your choice in your bra and off you go. A good starting point is purchasing a set that is meant to balance the chakras. If you aren’t familiar with chakras keep reading and I will go over the individual chakra and which stone or crystal can be used to align it or balance it.


Since it is believed that crystals can hold energies or help you release your own pent up anger, frustrations, and anxieties, its a good idea to cleanse your cyrstals often. You can do this in a number of ways.

  • SAGE- My preferred method is saging them. Light a sage smudge stick and wipe the stone or crystal through the smoke, usually I say a simple prayer such as “I call upon God and the Universe to cleanse this crystal of negative energy and anything that no longer serves a purpose for me, leaving behind only love and light. Thank you.” It’s a good idea to cleanse your crystals when you first get them so that anybody that touched them before doesn’t leave their energy on them while you are using them.
  • SALT WATER – Some people let their crystals soak in a solution of salt water. You want to be careful if using this method and make sure that the crystal you are cleansing can handle it by looking it up.
  • SUN & MOON – leave out in the sun or moon for 24 hours or longer. Be careful with this method as well since the sun can fade certain stones or crystals.
  • THE EARTH- you can place your crystal directly in the earth and allow it to cleanse that way. You can wrap in cloth if you prefer, but make sure its something like cotton, so the crystal can absorb the earth’s energies.

You also want to make sure to charge your crystals! They do a lot of work for us and get a little tired from time to time. Crystals can be charged as follows:

  1. Wash them well with tap water or any kind of water.
  2. Set your crystals out (this can be on the windowsill, on a deck, your porch, etc). The ideal time to put them out is just after sunset on the night of the full moon.
  3. Bring them in the next morning.
  4. Charge your crystals with intentions and cleanse if necessary
  5. Close the ritual


There are 7 chakras and they are the points in which energy flows through our body.

  1. ROOT CHAKRA– is our foundation. It is located in the base of the spine/tailbone. It effects survival issues such as money, food, and success. Crystals or stones that can be used to balance the Root are:
      • Red Carnelian — Light red to orange — Semi-precious — Historically worn for strength and courage, red carnelian is used to cleanse and activate.
      • Red Jasper — Earthy red — Semi-precious — Known as the “ring bringer” stone, red jasper is used to cleanse and balance.
      • Bloodstone — Dark green with red spots — Semi-precious — Traditionally worn to promote self-esteem and repel negativity, it is used to cleanse and balance.
      • Black Tourmaline — Black — Semi-precious — Used for spiritual grounding, this stone is good for cleansing and balancing.
      • Obsidian — Black — Organic gemstone — A stone of protection, obsidian is good for cleansing and balancing (source:



2. SACRAL CHAKRA – is our connection and ability to accept others as well as new experiences. Located in the lower abdomen about 2 inches below your naval. It controls our sexuality, well being, and sense of pleasure. Crystals or stones to balance the Sacral are:

Crystals that open and activate the second chakra include:

  • Orange and coral calcite
  • Citrine
  • Orange carnelian
  • Orange adventurine

Orange calcite and citrine both have cleansing properties, which can help clear a blockage in the chakra. Coral calcite is often used in distance healing because of its amplifying qualities.If your second chakra is overactive, stones that can be used to soothe it include:

  • Orange carnelian
  • Snowflake obsidian
  • Amber
  • Purple gemstones like amethyst, quartz and tourmaline


3. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – our ability to be confident and control our lives. Located at the belly button. Controls our self esteem and confidence. The best crystals for the Solar Plexus are:

  • Amber — Yellowish orange — Organic gemstone — Used to cleanse and balance. Increases mental clarity and promotes confidence.
  • Citrine — Pale yellow — Semi-precious — This “success stone” is used to cleanse and balance. Increases personal empowerment and confidence.
  • Lemon quartz — Yellow — A stone of optimism used to cleanse, activate and balance the third energy center.
  • Yellow Jasper — Yellow — Semi-precious — Known as a stone of protection, yellow jasper activates and balances the solar plexus chakra.
  • Yellow Tourmaline — Yellow — Semi-precious — A stone good for detoxifying the body, yellow tourmaline is used to cleanse, activate and balance.
  • Tiger’s Eye — Golden brown — Semi-precious — A protective stone, tiger’s eye is good for grounding, cleansing and balancing.



4. HEART CHAKRA – our ability to love. Located at the heart. Controls love, joy, and inner peace. The best crystals for the Heart chakra are:

  • Rose quartz — Pink — Semi-precious — Used to open and heal. The seemingly universal rose quartz meaning calls it the stone of the heart. It’s good for aiding sleep and alleviating the physical ills associated with heart chakra imbalance. It’s also used to calm emotions, dispel negativity, and promote peace.
  • Jade — Green to white — Semi-precious — Used to balance. Jade promotes emotional and physical healing of the heart’s ills.
  • Green calcite — Semi-precious — Used to balance and stimulate. Recommended to absorb negativity and boost your physical immunity, calcite is used to promote healing and transformation.
  • Green tourmaline — Semi-precious — Used to open and stimulate. Considered a stone of rejuvenation, tourmaline promotes emotional stability and healing.
  • Green aventurine — Semi-precious — Used to activate. A stone of vitality aventurine increases focus and soothes emotions.


5.) THROAT CHAKRA – our ability to communicate. Located at the throat. Controls our ability to communicate, express ourselves, and be truthful. The best crystals for your throat chakra:

  • Amazonite — Green and turquoise-green — Semi-precious — Dispels and guards against negativity while restoring emotional balance.
  • Lapis lazuli — Blue — Semi-precious — Used to open, stimulate, and balance. This “stone of truth” restores your ability to communicate effectively.
  • Turquoise — Blue, green-blue — Semi-precious — Used to stimulate and balance. Dispels negativity and restores confidence to speak and express one’s thoughts effectively.
  • Aquamarine — Light green-blue to blue — Semi-precious — Used to cleanse and stimulate. Offers courage and promotes tolerance and compassion while dispelling fear.



6.) THIRD EYE CHAKRA- our ability to see the big picture. Located between the eyes. Controls intuition, imagination, wisdom and the ability to think and make decisions. The best crystals for the third eye chakra are:

  • Amethyst — Purple (varying shades from light to dark) — Precious — Used to open, stimulate, and balance. Amethyst is a healing stone that offers wisdom, healing, and protection from harm.
  • Moldavite — Dark green — Semi-precious — Used to cleanse, stimulate, and balance. Not only can Moldavite clear negativity it can restore balance to the entire chakra system. It is good for promoting a new perspective and enhancing dreams and dream recall.
  • Purple Fluorite — Purple — Semi-precious — Used to stimulate and balance. This stone dispels negativity while promoting intuition and mental clarity and focus.
  • Black Obsidian — Black — Semi-precious — Used to stimulate and balance. Obsidian is good for expelling negativity and chakra blockages while helping enhance emotional control.



7.) CROWN CHAKRA- the highest chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually! Located at the very top of our head. Controls inner and outer beauty and our spiritual connection. The best crystals for the crown chakra are:

Herkimer Diamond
Quartz Crystal
White Hemimorphite
White Calcite
White Danburite
White Howlite