Candles are one of the oldest and commonly used forms of Magick. Even people who don’t practice rituals find themselves lighting candles for any number of reasons. Many light them while taking a bubble bath, or if guests are coming over to release fragrance. Candle lit dinners are said to be the most romantic! But candles in Magick have a very specific purpose.

Candles come in all shapes and sizes. Just like crystals, you should choose candles that you are drawn to and speak to you. When using a candle to set intent, I prefer to use the slim “ritual candles” like below:


They are small and slim and can be burned to the very end. There are shops that sell them as well as little holders to place them in. I use a plain white holder for my ritual candles, but many of them have pentagrams or other symbols on them.

Candle colors are also very important. Here is a graphic to explain the different uses of candle colors:


Just like with all Magick, the intent behind it is as important as the desired result. It is very ill advised to do Black Magick. Even if you don’t think its considered harmful, it may be. For example, performing a spell with the intent to bind someone to you or fall in love with you, would be considered Black Magick. There is White Magick that can be used to help aid you in your journeys that do not mess with the dark stuff.

I should note, that modern day witches, do not believe that they can snap their fingers and make things happen. Spells and Magick casting is simply being present with what you want and desire, and using your pure intent to sway the universe in your direction.