Moon Phases


New Moon: The days when the visible moon is smallest and the night is darkest. This phase is a good time for deep internal work, for quiet introspection. It’s also a time for planning, for exploring options and approaches and identifying what we want to bring into fruition. Key word: beginnings

Crescent Moon: The visible surface of the moon is expanding. This is the time for honing ideas and setting intentions. Keyword: catalyst

First Quarter Moon: Time for getting busy and taking actual steps to bring an idea into fruition. Keyword: action

Gibbous Moon: This is a great time to go over plans, polish, make changes and adjustments Keyword: refining

Full Moon: The size of the moon is at its peak and its influence acts to magnify. This is a time for finishing, and celebration. Keyword: completion

Disseminating Moon: This is a great time for connecting with others, and for expressing gratitude. Keyword: cooperation

Last Quarter Moon: With the visible moon growing smaller it is a great time to release that which no longer serves. Activities that involve quitting or lessening are ideally initiated in this phase. Keyword: release

Balsamic Moon: A quiet time to look within. Time to nourish the soul, to take time out for self and build up strength. Keyword: recuperate. (source: