Ostara Inspired Poem

Ostara Inspired Poem

I sat on the floor broken and bare

Been living my whole life like it was a dare

I played with fire and danced in the flames

When the light burned out coldness was all that remained


So I sit by myself until the next fire burns

Waiting for passion and love to return


They fall in love with my madness but can’t handle the sadness

They extinguish the fire and take off into the night

But my inner fire is burning and it’s burning bright


Instead of their fire I danced with the moon

I fell in love with myself and began to bloom

I swept away the ashes from the past fire storms

And I stopped sitting alone on the floor


I made love with the moon and turned into the stars

I swam in the ocean and washed away my scars

My heart fanned out like a lotus in the mud

Fresh joy sprouted like springtime buds


I gave birth to myself and blew the past away

Brushed off the ashes and cleaned the decay

…Enchantment is here to stay

-The Witty Witch

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