The Full Strawberry Moon

The Full Strawberry Moon

As life has become more routine I am getting back into doing my hippie/wiccan things. Just last week my boyfriend and I had a reiki/relax night. I did reiki on both of us and then we took turns massaging each other with reiki music playing, crystals and candles everywhere…it was lovely and much needed! Tonight is the Full Strawberry moon and I am going overboard with this one.

Here is what the night will consist of:

  • Making moon water with clear quartz
  • Charging crystals (per standard)
  • A moon journal (detailing what goals I have for the entire moon cycle) including a spell for each moon phase going forward until the next full moon
  • A list of items to banish
  • A prayer
  • A letter to the universe asking it to help me manifest my goals

I am very lucky to have a partner that not only tolerates my moon rituals but also participates.

I have not been glowing love and light lately and have allowed a lot of things from both our pasts negatively impact my mood. It has consumed me and torn me apart and I need to refocus my energy on LOA and our present and our future together.

When you have been hurt, its easy to put walls up. Or in the words of Julia Michaels “got hands like an ocean, push you out pull you back in.” It’s not an intentional behavior to put walls up and try to guard myself but it happens from time to time and I need to release that blockage. I am going to end here because I have a LOT of hand written work to do for tonight. I hope this moon brings you all that you hope for and manifest.

Blessed be!


Gravity is Working Against Me

Gravity is Working Against Me

On the way to work today I was feeling all over the place emotionally. This song came on shuffle that I haven’t heard in ages and it put things into perspective for me.

Gravity is working against me
And gravity wants to bring me down

Oh I’ll never know what makes this man
With all the love that his heart can stand
Dream of ways to throw it all away

Oh, gravity is working against me
And gravity wants to bring me down

Oh twice as much ain’t twice as good
And can’t sustain like one half could
It’s wanting more
That’s gonna send me to my knees

Oh gravity, stay the hell away from me
Oh gravity has taken better men than me (how can that be?)

Just keep me where the light is
Just keep me where the light is
Just keep me where the light is
C’mon keep me where the light is
C’mon keep me where the light is
C’mon keep me where keep me where the light is (oh, oh)

Gravity, John Mayer
Specifically the end of the song where he says “keep me where the light is”. As a person who struggles with anxiety, depression, body image struggles and empath issues (you know…ALWAYS feeling others energies and issues on top of mine) It’s not always easy to stay in the light. I truly do strive to but I’ve been slippin’. Tonight and tomorrow I am going to work on deep cleaning my house, weeding my garden, and manifesting all the things I want to come true for myself during this moon phase! I already made a list and feel super prepared and excited to get started. I thought when I awoke that I would just stay positive and vibrant all the time like all things in life (and the moon) we have phases.
Waning Crescent Magick

Waning Crescent Magick

Starting on March 21st we will enter the waning crescent moon phase in Aquarius (my loves sign <3).

The waning crescent moon is the best time to clear your life of chaos or bring things to an end. If something has been plaguing you or stressing you out, now is the time to banish it. Serious threats however should be saved for the dark moon. Waning crescent is good for frustrations or annoying issues. This is the moon to give up a project or goal that is not coming to fruition, a relationship that isn’t working out, or friendships that  no longer serve you.

If you are not comfortable  yet with doing your own spell work you can search the internet for things such as “banishing spells” “spells for removal” or “protection spells”. Don’t fret if the spell requires things you don’t have. The most power comes from you setting your intention with the universe. Candles and other items just aid in the intention manifesting.

The candles you should burn during this moon phase should be white for protection and black for removal/banishing. Those are universal colors. You can find colored ones that serve your specific request better (pinterest and google are excellent sources for candle color and how it coincides with spell work). Remember when doing spell work to NEVER blow the candle out. ALWAYS  snuff it out and thank your higher power.


The Next Full Moon: Strawberry

The Next Full Moon: Strawberry

Good morning beautiful people! I hope the flower moon treated you well. It certainly did me! I have a full basket of charged crystals and exciting things going on in my personal life. My boyfriend and I have decided to take our relationship to the next level and move in together, so the burrow is no longer single girl status with two cats 😉 It was a fun run but it’s so nice having him there. I just love waking up to that beautiful face ❤

I wanted to take this time to write about our next full moon because it is one of my favorites! The Strawberry Moon will grace us with her presence on June 9th and it will be in Sagittarius. What does that mean for you? This is a time to reveal your fiery truth and fresh awareness. This moon is a good time to focus on working on personal growth, specifically any areas of improvement or that you haven’t been consistent with. Coming hot off the heels of retrograde I am sure there is plenty we can all find to work on internally. The strawberry moon also indicates summer is here and we will be basking in warmth and sunshine, and enjoying longer days. Because of this, you should ask for increased energy.

Colors for the strawberry moon are orange or a golden green. This moon also represents lovers so your altar candles should be orange and pink during this phase. Your stones to focus on are topaz, agate, alexandrite,  and fluorite. Your flower is lily of the valley (doesn’t get much more summery than that!) ❤

Some witches during the Strawberry moon will crush frozen strawberries with a pestle and anoint a white candle with it before beginning their moon ritual. Whatever you choose to do I hope it manifests in every way possible! Blessed be ❤