The Year of The Traveling Witch.

The Year of The Traveling Witch.

Good morning beauties!

I cannot believe we are already in the middle of December and 2018 is just around the corner. That being said I sprung into action today and ordered the Llewellyn Worldwide 2018 Witches datebook (Amazon- $7.94) and am picking up the 2018 Farmer’s Almanac today. These will be useful tools for the Witty Witch Blog in the upcoming year. I plan to get more heavily into writing about the moon phases, crystals, and tarot this year. Some featured posts will include: A 12 month guide to crystals (this will feature a crystal for each month that coincides with certain moon phases, retrogrades, etc.) Tarot readings, and more!

The last blog I wrote about numerology and discovered I am going into my 5th year. The year of travel and freedom. Knowing that is the energy that will be surrounding me I am going to make the most of it. Here is what I have planned so far for my travels in 2018:

West Coast Road Trip

As many of you know (and some of you don’t) I am from the beautiful State Washington. I have been many places but California is not one of them. In the spring I want to start out in my beautiful home state and travel down the coast, stopping for a hike in Oregon at the Tamolitch Blue Pool because look at it….


I am convinced there is nothing more beautiful than the Pacific Northwest.

Then I will make my way down to California where I intend to do all the Cali things you can do. To include a mix of nature and touristy attractions. The Redwood Forest, San Francisco, Stevie Nicks old haunts, Universal Studios (Harry Potter World hellllo!)

This has been on my bucket list for quite some time and what better year to do it!


East Coast Adventures 

In the summer I plan to jet off to the East Coast (because you know my love for that side of the country). I am finally going to make my dream of visiting Salem, MA a reality. History is something that is so important to me. I live and breathe to learn about the foundation of our country, word wars, civil war, all of it. Salem is absolutely saturated in history and beautiful. Of course this trip will entail stops in Boston and a potential train ride to NYC (because how can I NOT visit my favorite city when I am so close?) I have already begun my research and found some ADORABLE Airbnb’s to stay at.


The Bavarian Village 

In the winter as my year 5 winds down and I gear up for my 6th year (the dreaded responsibility year), I am going to go to Leavenworth and stay in an adorable Bed and Breakfast. They are super close to town and have snow shoeing on the property.


Pine River Ranch


Many years I have made it to NY several times and I know three trips doesn’t seem like much, but I want to make the BEST of those three trips. That will require a lot of time and money, both of which I do not have an endless supply of unfortunately.

I am so looking forward to bringing you all on my adventures with me by blogging about it. What are you planning for 2018? Have you figured out what year you are going into? If not, go back to the previous blog and find out what energy will be surrounding you this upcoming year to make the best of it!


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