Numerology Cycles

Numerology Cycles

Today I took a workshop on the energy that comes from numbers. In the ancient study of Numerology, Pythagoras discovered that numbers have energy (just like in Quantum Physics) and over the years it was determined that we go through 9 year cycles and each individual year has a different energy or theme that gets you closer to your 9 year goal. Additionally, we were all born under one ruling number. Think of it this way, there are 9 highways that we can travel down through life, each one is numbered. Your highway is your highway for life. You cannot exit and merge onto another one. In this blog I will show you how to figure out your highway number and what personal year you are about to go into and what it means for you. I will use my number’s as an example. All you need is your full birthday.

To figure out your life number or (highway number):

My birthday is October 20th 1987. This is the simple math to find out what number rules my life.

10 = 1+0 = 1

20 = 2+0= 2

1987  = 1+9+8+7 = 25 = 2+5 = 7

TOTAL: = 10 = 1+0 = 1

My life number is a 1! Now to find out what personal year you are about to go in do the same math except instead of birth year, use the current year or year you are going into. Like such:

10 = 1+0 = 1

20 = 2+0= 2

2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11 = 1+1 = 2


My personal year is going to be the year of the 5!

Why do we care or why should we know about our numerology? Because knowledge is power. When we know what energies will be naturally flowing into our life we can use it to our advantage. We can use it lift our manifestations and create as much abundance and joy as possible. Each personality and each year has a meaning behind it. These are the meanings of the numbers.


If your life number is a 1 you are a pioneering spirit and independent soul. You are unique and a leader by nature. If you are going into to your personal year 1 it will be full of new beginnings and you will be taking charge. You will find an increase in independence and leadership.


When your life number is a 2 you are all about partnership, being a peacemaker, you are very diplomatic and detail orientated. If you are going into your 2nd year on the cycle you will notice unions forming, merging, formed partnerships, and the potential for lots of contracts.

3- JOY 

3 is the number of self expression. If this is your life number you are creative, artistic, happy, playful and enthusiastic. When this shows up on your life cycle you are apt to falling in love, saying your truth, and having luck in finances.


4’s are hard workers, practical, orderly, and organized. Health means a lot to them and so does routine. If you are headed into your 4th year this is about putting down roots and laying the ground work for a great life. This is a hardworking year. In my 4th year I bought a house, graduated college, and obtained my brokers license!


When you’re a 5 in life you are a free spirit who is sensual, intelligent, and well traveled. If you are going into your 5th year you can expect change, travel, freedom from addictions, and variety in your life. This is a nice follow up year on your 4th year because you finally get some relaxation and rest.


6’s are the teachers, nurturers, and counselors in life. They are always caring for other people and taking on responsibility. If you are headed into your 6th year this is going to be one of duty, service, and the need to beautify. You may find real, deep love in this year or your current love will grow.


When you are 7 you mystical, solitary, analytical and methodical. 7’s are the most introverted number. In your 7th year you will be focusing on purification, re-evaluation of your life, altering your mind, and the want to withdraw.


8’s are very powerful. They are known as authority figures, authentic, and successful. When you are going into your 8th year you can expect an increase in finances, power and achievement. Sometimes this is when people get pregnant or gain weight or your life expands in some way.


If you are a 9 you are a universal lover, cosmic teacher, philosopher, and multi-talented. In your 9th year, this is known as the harvest year. You will begin reaping what you have sown over the past 9 years of your life cycle.



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