Finding your Fun in Recovery

Finding your Fun in Recovery

In the beginning of recovery it can be very difficult to find things to do with your spare time. You spend most days trying to cling to sobriety like your life depends on it because it does. Stepping out into social situations is difficult because you have probably spent the majority of your adult life doing so under the influence, or your idea of fun was alcohol plus whatever event was going on…with alcohol taking center stage. Once you get some time under you, you realize that you are ready to venture out into the world again. Dipping your toes back in the social life pool…only to find a lot of your peers have vacated. Or you have found yourself in an entirely different pool that is very empty. This can be a very depressing transitional period for those in recovery. It becomes easier to recluse and spend time with a book or your a mate because that doesn’t require staring down a bottle of jack with beads of sweat on your forehead trying to hide your angst. It doesn’t put you in the corner as the “weird girl who doesn’t drink”. But it is VITAL to have fun, socialize and participate in life outside of recovery while still working your program.

This is something I am still working on. For that I am thankful for this weekend. I have a double date tonight with accepting friends who understand my situation, a movie date tomorrow with my boyfriend in recovery, and football with my family on Sunday. Surrounded by safe people and enjoying life in sobriety.



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