Smashing September’s Goals & Accountability

Smashing September’s Goals & Accountability

I am a person that has to hold myself completely accountable or all hell breaks loose. If I don’t plan ahead, make goals, to do lists, mark calendars, and set alarms it just won’t get done. This being the last day of the month of August I wanted to compile a list of my goals for the upcoming month so I can start putting the work into motion. NORMALLY, I would write up a spread sheet, print it out, and it would get stuck to my fridge under pizza coupons. I truly want this month to turn in my favor, so I am putting it in a place that will hold me more accountable. It would be interesting to see some other’s lists as well – if interested, use the contact button and share with me. We can be accountability partners 🙂 It doesn’t matter what your goals are, sometimes you just need a buddy to check in with to get the gratification of saying “Hey! I marked ____ off my list today!” Here are mine divided by life categories:


  • Work on steps, AA literature and journaling once a day.
  • Meditate/pray once a day at a designated time each day to get in the habit (6:30 AM)
  • Get back to moon journaling and research
  • Attend no less than 2 Women’s AA meetings a week and reach out to AA friends periodically for any, little, or no reason! Keep the fellowship network strong
  • Branch out to new meetings to grow network in AA


  • Attend each sales meeting with brokerage
  • Complete MLS training
  • Send out first mass mailing
  • Order self help real estate broker book and READ IT (do not add to the dusty stack of books in the corner!)


  • Stay sober
  • Start getting active whether its the gym, walks to the beach, weekend hikes
  • NO MORE SUGAR FREE RED BULLS! La Croix, coffee, tea, fine…but no more red bulls!
  • Eat your veggies (and no that doesnt involve dousing it in melted cheese) and stop cutting off the crust on your bread, you aren’t 5 anymore.


  • Create a new vision board with updated goals
  • journal, blog, journal, blog- track your progress (ups and downs!)
  • Make at least one accountability buddy to check in with!

I am really interested in hearing from you! Feel free to be as candid or closed off as you want. It’s your list and can be as vague or in depth as you want.



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