Back on the Grid.

Back on the Grid.

It is good to be back in the PNW! I always have this vision of coming home from a trip well rested and ready to commence with life, but somehow I always feel like I need a vacation to re-coup from a vacation. I feel tired and oddly depressed. Change has always had that effect on me.

We had a very lovely time in Iowa spending time with my boyfriend’s sons and his grandchildren. We packed a lot of driving and a lot of adventure into our short time there.  We didn’t have any service so I hardly got to communicate with any of my support network unless I hit a random spot of service then my phone would blow up and I realized how much I love and need my friends and family I talk to regularly. It goes without saying there was some emotional times and being the empath I am I have soaked it all up and feeling the weight of it. Of course I would never in a million years take it back or not go to support him, but I definitely feel the effects of it.  On top of the emotional stuff, my boyfriend and I left the PNW fighting some sinus issues. I haven’t felt entirely better once and then something we ate didn’t seem to agree with us and we spent our whole first day back fighting over the bathroom. Tempers were running high and energy was low at that point but we seem to be on the upswing minus a neck ache from extreme vomiting (Mercury is in retrograde after all…).

The only cure for these types of blues is getting back into the swing of life. Tonight I am attending a birthday meeting (woo hoo cakes and coins!) and it will be really good to see all those bright, shiny and familiar faces!

I am going to sort of be going “off the grid” this week and weekend but not in the forced sense that Iowa made me. I am going to put my phone down more and pick up my self-help books, get into the gym, and center myself. Before I left for the trip I was on a fast track to a burn out. I had bags under my eyes from lack of sleep and over working and was taking on way too many burdens, many of which I didn’t even need to take on. I am going to work on some self care and try to connect with my higher power on a desperate level because I cannot allow myself to sink into this black hole


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