The Universe’s Version of PMS: Mercury Retrograde.

The Universe’s Version of PMS: Mercury Retrograde.

Many people, if not all of us, have heard of Mercury in Retrograde. But what exactly does it mean and why do we blame things on it?


First and foremost, we refer to Mercury (and other planets) being in retrograde when they appear to be moving backwards through the Zodiac…this is referred to as retrograde motion. Planets in retrograde can cause frustration, confusion and a number of other unpleasant events. Astrologers have been researching and writing about mercury in retrograde since the mid 18th century. Scientists will tell you there is no evidence to support that retrograde effects humans whatsoever. It’s up to you to believe what you will.


Astrologically speaking, Mercury is a very important ruling planet. Mercury most importantly rules communication. It is said to also rule things such as electronics, travel conditions, our ability to make wise decisions, etc. etc. With it ruling so many aspects of life, you can see how such an important planet going through reverse in the zodiac could negatively effect you.


With Mercury ruling our communication sector do not be surprised if you are butting heads with everyone you come in contact with. It may even feel like you are speaking different languages. It is best to understand that at no time during a Mercury Retrograde argument either parties attending a verbal show down will win. This is the time to agree to disagree before you shout your relationships with others right down into the ground. Who else is reading this and worried about WTF Trump and Kim Jong Un will do while we are in retrograde? Jesus take the wheel.

It is generally advised (since I don’t know when….all I am passing on is what I personally know and have researched on retrograde) to avoid travelling, signing contracts, purchasing new electronics (or be prepared for existing ones to go haywire), and making any big decisions.

We are on our third Mercury in retrograde this year. It is not feasible to avoid life altogether during retrograde but there are things you can do. The second retrograde of the year I traveled to NYC and a nightmare ensued. I know better than to not protect myself during retrograde and prepared some glass jars of Comfrey, protective salt and herbs, etc that are rumored to keep you safe while traveling. Well, I was very active in my addiction to alcohol and got fairly trashed before leaving for SeaTac and left them at home. On my way home from NYC I had a connecting flight from JFK at LAX.  I got stuck on the tarmac for an hour and missed my connecting flight. I was put on standby for 4 hours and almost didn’t get a seat on the stand by flight. Some call that a risk you take traveling, I call that a direct result of mercury being in retrograde. This retrograde I am travelling to Iowa and have connecting flights, but this time I will be prepared as best as I know how with my sobriety keeping me in check.


I am aware that not all of my blog followers have a full arsenal to battle retrograde but I will add as many options as possible, plus where you can get some extras if you so wish.

CRYSTALS – Any protective stones (tumbled or raw) are good to keep with you. Black Tourmaline is a good stone to clear anxiety and chaotic energy. Crystal Quartz and Amethyst are great go to protection stone. Amazonite is wonderful at helping with communication, a key during retrograde. These are just a few suggestions. If you have crystals that you have a fondness for already, those will have just as strong of a protecting force over you. If you do NOT have any crystals, you can google local shops (if you are local to me I of course go to the Crystal Voyage in Tacoma). There is also a wonderful Etsy shop I recommend to all newcomers to crystal purchasing because they have a fabulous and economic starter kit for chakras that includes 7 chakra stones, an abalone shell with stand, sage smudge stick, and a wire cage necklace to put your crystal of choice in and wear (link here: The Chakra Palace Etsy)

SAGE, SMUDGE STICKS, INCENSE & CANDLES- All of the above are well known for their cleansing properties. I of course have  my own tried and true methods that work well for me. If you are new to cleansing or smudging, retrograde is a great time to learn! I like to smudge my house on a regular basis. Even if it just means lighting a smudge stick and letting smoke on its abalone shell stand. For times like retrograde a full smudge of the house might be necessary…all that insane energy is floating around and you are sleeping and living in it’s midst. There are smudge prayers online or you can be like me and make up whatever feels right for you. I like regular white sage smudge sticks but they can sometimes get a little stinky and upset my allergies. Another alternative is Palo Santo. It’s a little wood stick that smells slightly woodsy and citrusty when burnt. I also have REALLYYY pretty floral smudge sticks I have purchased off Etsy for special occasions. Whatever you use, just make sure the intent is there. Incense are an alternative to sage and can be found fairly quickly in stores if you don’t have any smudge sticks. They also work to clear the air of negative energies. White candles are also known for their cleansing powers. Whenever someone comes over during retrograde light a white candle and their energies will not linger behind them. It can be any candle, scented or unscented, again this is about your intent! It doesn’t matter if you got it at the dollar store or an Etsy hippie shop…it’s what YOU make of it. Here is my favorite Smudge store on Etsy they have beautiful smudge sticks, loose leaf sage, and palo santo! Saracen Provisions Etsy


It isn’t guaranteed that something will derail in your life just because Mercury is in Retrograde, and many people don’t even notice it at all. I feel like I am in a perpetual funk during retrograde. It is like a big, bad case of the Mondays over and over again or really horrible PMS. Thankfully, it ends on September 5th and we will have fall festivities right around the corner and many moon phases to clean up whatever shit show Mercury leaves behind.




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