Why Are We Obsessed with Weight Loss?

Why Are We Obsessed with Weight Loss?

The Witty Witch might be a tiny platform to stand on and shout my views from but it is mighty. I am scrolling through my feed which is very limited because it’s an account created only for a handful of friends, family and supposed “support groups.” I was part of a group for the Keto diet and they CRUCIFIED a woman for eating CARROTS. This is the norm on every post…people telling others what they should or shouldn’t eat. FUCK OFF. It’s hard enough living in world with impossible standards and we wonder why women are suffering from eating disorders and body image issues.

Ok, so I keep on scrolling past the trolls and every other post is before and after pictures for network marketing products. Now I admit, I was a direct sales girl and I loved some of the products and the results. What I didn’t love was thrusting weight loss in everyone’s face when I myself struggle with body image issues and ED. I hated the mean girl, cult like behavior by certain companies (which I won’t get into because I respect my friends that sell them.)

Please know that I am not saying those of you affiliated with direct sales are all guilty of this. Chances are, if you aren’t a supportive and encouraging woman I have deleted you anyways. My point is that it is rampant and spreading like wild fire on social media where young, impressionable women are already obsessing over ways to fix themselves.

Why is it too much to ask that we accept people for who they are and where they are in their journey. If they ask for help or training on how to be healthy, great. But stop projecting and encouraging this insanity that we all have to be a certain way!

On top of that I cannot tell you how many obsessive hours I have spent talking to my girlfriends about weight loss, trouble areas, hating myself, beating myself up because I ate a piece of pizza at a game, etc. etc.

Another example…I went to the store to buy some shorts and didn’t end up buying them because the Large was a little snug and that made me feel shitty. I am finally at a point in my life where I don’t hate what I see in the mirror. It took me a lot of ups and downs on the scale and learning what works for my body to get here, but the moment a Large was a little too tight I freaked out. I don’t see a size Large in the mirror…I see a woman who struggled with weight and body image issues since she was a child who finally realizes the strength and beauty this body possesses. I wish we all could see the perfection we are and not let a little thing like the size on a tag send us from confident to broken so quickly.

I believe in the law of attraction. If you want change to come to you you CANNOT obsess on what is going wrong, yet you must embrace the beauty that you already posess. If you sit and squeeze your chub the universe is gonna be like “aight fine, stay chubby”. Which you ARE NOT chubby by the way…I am just saying that is how the universe perceives these messages you are putting out. If you project on others that they need to change who they are, the universe will attach that negativity to you.

LIVE AND LET LIVE. Stop putting gas in the body image destruction freight train!!



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