July’s Full Buck Moon

July’s Full Buck Moon



The full moon will fall on July 8th or 9th  (depending where you live).

I particularly like the idea of this moon. It’s referred to as the buck moon because July is the time of year that all male deer have grown their antlers in. It’s also referred to as the blessing moon which is a beautiful thought. This is the full moon that falls right in the middle of the year and should be used to feel grateful for what you have instead of focusing on change or growth (something is generally a focus for full moons.) This time of year is about porch sitting, beach strolling, and long lazy days. It should only be fitting that you use this moon to sit back and reflect on your blessings.

This moon is also the calm before the storm. Just around the corner are the fall and winter Sabbats and many moon cycles that should be utilized for growth, recovery, change, etc.

So take this time to count your blessings. On full moon’s I usually banish the things I want to be rid of but during the blessing moon I am going to do the opposite. Instead of burning and banishing the negative, I am quite literally going to count my blessings.

On white paper with a white candle and palo santo burning, write down all the things you are grateful for. These can be blessings new and old. You can even write the blessings you would like to collect in the future. Take a moment to speak to your higher power (the universe, the God, the Goddess…whoever) and take extra care to give extra thanks for the many things you are blessed with.

If you have been in a rut and you can’t find your blessings at the ready try meditating and lighting a light blue candle. Light blue calms and relaxes. If you have been too stressed to notice your blessings, this can help keep your space Zen and chill enough for you to catch back up to the positive vibes that are surrounding you.

Blessed be!


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