National Best Friend Day

National Best Friend Day

I have written in the past about ridding yourself of toxicity when it comes to people. I have weeded out the bad seeds in my friendship field and because of this, my crops are depleted. And I could not be happier. I may only have a handful of quality friends but they blow other human’s out of the water. I am going to take this time to acknowledge the closest friends I have because they bring so much happiness to my life.

Megan– Girlll, I don’t even know where to start with you. We started out as complete strangers with identical passions and when we met my soul was like “yep, this human is the one.” Our first day meeting in person we did yoga and you certified me in Reiki and we had deep life talks. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced with friendship and since we have made a million more memories. You made me a reiki addict and I got you into Wiccan. We have enhanced each other’s lives in so many ways and my soul is forever grateful that the universe brought you to me.  I love you Megs!

Marisa– My little sees turned bestie. The only person that fully understands the dysfunction of our family and the toll it takes on a person. The person I go to to discuss Makeup, life decisions, my craziness, anxiety, eyebrows, Paris Hilton and everything in between. I can’t wait to see where life takes us when it’s already brought us to New York and other random (and potentially dangerous) adventures.

Alicia– My bestie since KINDERGARTEN. I cannot believe we have grown up to be the women we are. We went from having matching crayon boxes to wine boxes. We have gone to Vegas and NYC and gotten into more trouble than I will write about. We have thrown parties and fists at each other but we always come out on top and together. 24 years of my life have been spent with you and I know the next 24 are going to be even better. Marriage, babies, puppies, new houses, new travels. Thank you for always being a constant in my life when life is often so tumultuous and off kilter. You have always been a safe place to land and I love you!

Patricia– Not unlike Megs, we met in an odd way that only the Universe could be responsible for and thank god for it. You are one of the most genuine, beautiful souls I have ever met. You tell me what I need to hear even if it hurts and you help me through some of the darkest days. When I was broken hearted and you came and made me tea and rubbed my back so I could sleep…man, that is an act of humanity that I will carry with me my whole life. You deserve all the goodness in this world and I am so thankful you came into my life! I love you!

Jayce- I am noticing a pattern that I met all my friends online at this point!! LOL! If I remember correctly we met because you defended me against some internet trolls when we hadn’t even met yet. Then we had a pizza night and the rest is history. Thank you for always dealing with the crazy, willing to come over and spend the night when boys are mean and saging our *you know* when we needed a cleanse!! >.< & Thank you for letting me love your spawn. I know we don’t live seven minutes apart anymore but I LOVE you to the moon and back. Cocoa and Bunny for life!

Josh– I could write novels on the love I have for you and friend you are to me but we live together now and you already know because I’m annoying and smother you with love and affection every second of the day lol! Thank you for adventuring with me, always being down to do hippie and witchy shit and supporting my goals and dreams. You are my best friend and the fire that burns in my heart that makes me want to be the best woman I can. I love you and the life we have together.

I have met a lot of people in this lifetime but you guys are my favorites!

Thank you all for being the best humans ever 🙂 I love you to pieces.



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