For the Love Of Stevie Nicks.

For the Love Of Stevie Nicks.

I have never been a girl that has been restricted to the confines of the generation I was born. I have never been a big fan of pop culture and present trends. I have always been described as an old soul. I shaved my barbie’s head on one side and dyed her hair red with kool-aid to make her look like Cyndi Lauper. I’ve always been attracted to the women that live on the edge.

I Β mostly grew up with my bachelor dad who is a lover of classic rock and boozy nights and when you couple them together it was like a rock concert in our tiny two bedroom apartment. I grew up riding on the wings of Led Zeppelin, The Who, ACDC, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty and…..Fleetwood Mac. For whatever reason, Fleetwood Mac always had a hold over me. I always listened to their music but it wasn’t until my 20’s I really became fascinated with Stevie Nicks. It’s no surprise though. When I was in elementary school I got my first tarot deck and raided my dad’s herb garden to make potions. It’s only natural my heart would find its way to Stevie.

On hot summer days I throw on a swimsuit, leather head band and sit by my parent’s pool listening to Stevie over the loud speaker and vibe the fuck out. That is me totally in my element. I will tell anyone who will listen the story of how and why Stevie wrote “Landslide” and how she got the idea for the name of “Edge of Seventeen”.

This December I had the GREATEST pleasure of taking my dad to the Stevie Nicks and Pretenders concert in Seattle. I like the Pretenders but I couldn’t sit still through their performance knowing I was about to see STEVIE in person. The moment she waltzed out on stage with her shawl trailing behind her and the beat of “Gold and Braid” starting tears flooded my eyes. I was almost inconsolable. Even the memory has tears springing up in my eyes. It’s not just Stevie’s music that speaks to me it’s her life and her strength. Stevie has beaten addiction twice, overcome every broken heart, shot to success and still remained humble and beautiful inside. She embodies every feminist that refuses to fit themselves in the confines of what society deems normal. She made me feel OK with being a “misfit” that liked tarot cards and moon phases. Stevie made my journey to becoming a full blown witch blissful rather than shameful.

Stevie has been by my side metaphorically speaking through some of my darkest days. When I had no words and only tears, Stevie’s voice carried me. When I have felt nothing but joy I floated on the chords of her songs while twirling with delight. When Β I was judged for being a Wiccan I pulled up pictures of Stevie amidst a bright crowd adorned in paisley and neon in her black top hat and moon necklace.

Stevie is a paradox. She is HUGE in life but small in stature. She is mystical yet logical. She is grace and she has an edginess. Stevie is a fucking queen.

Happy Birthday Stephanie Lynn. May all your wishes come true.


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