The Power of Reiki & Crystals

The Power of Reiki & Crystals

Row of Chakra Crystals

My younger sister stopped by the burrow yesterday (the name of my cottage in case you are wondering πŸ˜‰ ) and asked me to cleanse her spell bottle and do reiki on her. My little witchy heart was beaming with pride. I hadn’t done reiki on someone else in a long time so I was slightly nervous I had lost my touch but sure enough when I activated my reiki my hands got hot and I could feel all the energies between us. After I had completed the session I used my clear quartz pendulum to check her Chakras. The pendulum was still over every Chakra except her heart. This was no surprise to me because her heart chakra was a mess to be honest. I did more work on it while placing a Rose Quartz over her heart. I again took the pendulum and checked the Chakra while the crystal was still on her and pendulum didn’t move. I took the crystal off and tried the pendulum again and it instantly started swinging in a circle. I of course am a believer in crystal healing but even this blew me away. Actual proof that crystals absorb our energies and can heal us. I told her to go home and put on her Rose Quartz necklace and come back for follow up work. For a young person going through a lot of shit I am incredibly proud that her root and crown were so steady. My crown is always a hot damn mess. Not enough clear quartz in the world that can calm my crown down some days. I should add that when I had her on my stomach my asshole cat was swatting at her hair and face under the massage table. Cats and animals are super drawn to me when I have my crystals out and doing reiki. They have also been known to jump on the bed while I am doing my healing. It’s strange how animals can pick up those frequencies so much easier than humans.

After doing reiki I sometimes feel worn out emotionally but this session charged me up the way the moon charges crystals. I feel very enlightened and energetic today.

Yesterday my manfriend and I also rearranged my altar. We normally would do so during a full or new moon, but we hadn’t done it since right after Ostara so it felt like a good time. The theme is motivation to help get me through real estate class and him through his journeyman classes. We Β made a spell bottle with rosemary, calendula, comfrey, and hibiscus as well as Himalayan pink sea salt and sand from our beach. We placed it in the center of the altar over the Ace of Wands card from my Goddess Tarot deck. The ace of wands is the “go for it” card and is tied strongly with success and drive.



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