Heroin & Housing

Heroin & Housing

I have written at length about addiction, specifically Heroin. Yesterday in Real Estate school I was on the section that covers Fair Housing laws and Civil Rights Acts. My mind is completely BLOWN by what I was reading. It’s great that people can be protected by laws if they are gay, straight, black, Asian, white, disabled, married, single, or from another country. Even alcoholism is viewed as a disability. BUT, if you are a known drug addict, you can be denied housing rights. On the end of chapter test it asked “what would disqualify you from having the right to file suit regarding fair housing?”

a. Alcoholism

b. Heroin use

c. Mental illness

d. Race

I understand the stigma that comes along with Heroin. Trust me. Heroin is the ugly skeleton that used to hide in my family’s closet. The elephant in the room at Christmas parties. The skeletal shell of a person that was once my vibrant little brother. It BREAKS MY HEART knowing that this disease can prevent people legally from obtaining HUMAN CREATURE COMFORTS like housing. There has been very few amendments since the original Civil Rights Act of 1866. In fact it was not amended until 1964 and again in 1968. The Fair Housing Act came out after and both are meant to protect HUMAN RIGHTS. Β If you are or were a drug addict you are STILL A HUMAN. My blood boils. Something has to change. Addiction is addiction. IT IS A DISEASE. Are we going to wait another 200 years to acknowledge that addiction to Opiates is sweeping the nation???



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