Waning Crescent Magick

Waning Crescent Magick

Starting on March 21st we will enter the waning crescent moon phase in Aquarius (my loves sign <3).

The waning crescent moon is the best time to clear your life of chaos or bring things to an end. If something has been plaguing you or stressing you out, now is the time to banish it. Serious threats however should be saved for the dark moon. Waning crescent is good for frustrations or annoying issues. This is the moon to give up a project or goal that is not coming to fruition, a relationship that isn’t working out, or friendships that  no longer serve you.

If you are not comfortable  yet with doing your own spell work you can search the internet for things such as “banishing spells” “spells for removal” or “protection spells”. Don’t fret if the spell requires things you don’t have. The most power comes from you setting your intention with the universe. Candles and other items just aid in the intention manifesting.

The candles you should burn during this moon phase should be white for protection and black for removal/banishing. Those are universal colors. You can find colored ones that serve your specific request better (pinterest and google are excellent sources for candle color and how it coincides with spell work). Remember when doing spell work to NEVER blow the candle out. ALWAYS  snuff it out and thank your higher power.



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