Two Week Keto Check In

Two Week Keto Check In

It’s been a little over two weeks but I wanted to go over how I have been doing on Keto. I know a lot of my friends have asked about it and a lot of my friends started doing it with me and are feeling fantastic!

I have lost 5 pounds! The diet is so satisfying that I don’t even feel tempted to cheat. When I am cooking dinner I can even make my boyfriend’s sides (potatoes, bread, etc.) without snagging a bite. I generally eat a salad or zoodles cooked in butter and cheese with low carb sauces. I have found a variety of them so I don’t get sick of eating zoodles every night. I am really picky about veggies so I am grateful to have found something that works for me!

This weekend we are having friends over and going to a party and social events are always a small cause for concern. Tonight we are going to make ribs and keto approved pizza dip and for the party tomorrow I am bringing a keto approved jalapeno popper dip so I will stay on track. Sunday I’m making a crock post roast and mashed cauliflower. I only mention this because even weekends can be doable on keto! It’s really just about substitution and your macros. I don’t count calories at all. I use my fitness pal to input each meal and then check my macros to make sure they are on point. Even when I am busy and running around I can stick to Keto. As an example: on Sunday I fell down my front porch steps and twisted my ankle, gashed open my knee and right hand and couldn’t walk the next day. I stayed home from work and couldn’t cook because of my right hand being jammed and sliced open. My sister brought me an ultimate cheeseburger and side salad. I threw the bun away and ate the burger patties on the salad. Boom, was in Ketosis. So many people have said they think doing super low carb is too difficult but there are SO many resources and recipes to be successful!

I am planning on doing Keto for about   6 weeks and see where I am at then. I have started taking progress pics and will start measuring (after that monthly bitch women love so much vacates the premises). Due to that I am a little bloated and gained some water weight but my clothes feel looser!

Here is a pic of what a good Keto day looks like for macros



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