Getting Back on Track

Getting Back on Track

Good morning babes! I went to sleep at 8:30 last night and woke up feeling so much more refreshed and optimistic! I did have some asthma issues but that comes with the territory of living in WA state and being allergic to everything. I started my new macro diet yesterday and I lost 2.3 pounds the first day. I REALIZE that is water weight but I feel amazing and way less bloated and bogged down. The manfriend and I are getting back in the gym tonight and I am buckling down on Real Estate class tonight (as well as witchy stuff, I haven’t meditated or done a spell in ages it feels like.) Also, there is some exciting developments in my relationship that I can’t QUITE get into details about right now, but I couldn’t be more excited or happy!

It feels good to be back on track with the things that make me happiest.  I do need to get back in my groove and catch up on real estate homework before I can really dedicate 100% to the blog and shop. It might be a few days before I post again but when I do it’s going to be fabs, I can feel it. I hope you are all having a blessed, relaxing, and happy week! Talk to you seen beautiful people.


-I PROMISE (lol) I am going to continue the memorizing tarot posts when I can dedicate the time to it.

-Transitioning from full blown retrograde to post shadow (can May 22nd come quick enough??)



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