My Love Affair With New York.

My Love Affair With New York.

If you know me at all, you know how much I love New York. The moment I get in the car and head to SeaTac my pulse quickens because my heart is going home. As I descend into New York with my face pressed against the window to get my first glimpse of the Empire State building I usually start to cry. Here is the story of how I started a love affair with New York City.

When I was 24 I started dating a man in the Army. He was best friends with my best friend’s husband. He was stationed at Ft. Lewis in Washington but was from Long Island New York. He went home for R&R in April and invited me to come meet his big, Italian, and very NY family. I boarded my first flight to New York nervous as hell but so excited to meet this fabulous City. I stayed on Long Island but we took the Long Island Rail Road into the city. You can see the City skyline from the train and then just as you are entering it, you descend into pure blackness (the subway). When the doors open you are in the infamous Penn Station. As you emerge from the Subway the glory that is NYC hits you right in the face. It was love at first sight. It literally took my breath away. There is a magic and energy that swirls through the air in New York. There are so many sounds and smells that every part of you falls instantly in love. I don’t even remember being with my ex that day. When I think of that day it’s almost as though I were experiencing it all alone. My first plate of gnocchi in Little Italy. Standing outside of Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue. It was all so magical and memorable.

Needless to say me and him didn’t work out, but me and New York sure as hell did. Along the way I made friends in New York. I have since gone back 8 times and am going for my 9th time next week with my little sister. I have been so beyond blessed to have experienced so much of New York. Here are some of my favorite New York memories:

  • The Yankees game
  • Wine tasting in the Hamptons
  • Long Island beaches – specifically Montauk and Robert Moses
  • Dancing on the bar at Hogs and Heifers and tossing our bras at the ceiling just like Julia Roberts did (I took my best friend one year in June.)
  • Top of the Rock
  • Buying a Tiffany’s bracelet at THEEE Tiffanys on 5th Ave
  • Seeing “Of Mice and Men” starring James Franco on Broadway with the bestie
  • “Friends” Fountain at Central Park
  • 9/11 memorial
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Meeting the naked cowboy!
  • Seeing Mitt Romney and Heidi Klum on the streets
  • Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment

I have made a million more memories and have done so many fabulous things there. Anytime life got hard in WA I would book a flight to NY and my soul would heal a little bit each time.  This trip was originally booked with a different ex but the Universe had different plans. My baby sister is in a bad place right now  and I hope that New York heals a part of her too. I  have done all the touristy stuff EXCEPT Coney Island so I am hoping we can make a stop there and act like little kids again together. We are both avid Beatles fans (we saw Paul McCartney twice together) so I am going to take her to Strawberry Fields in Central Park (John Lennon memorial).

Thank you New York for being the one constant love of my life. No matter what happens I will always come back to you. Men have come and gone, but New York is here to stay.


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