The Full Pink Moon in Libra

The Full Pink Moon in Libra

Ok let me just say between the full moon and FOUR planets in retrograde I am not myself. At all. I have been fighting some sort of virus since Friday, I feel like curling up and dying, but although we are in retrograde, the show must go on! I started to feel sick last week and been pretty swamped still with Real Estate school and work, so I am sorry I didn’t get to my Comfrey or tarot post…its coming! Remember I am also working on the non-profit,Warrior’s for Women (check out the site, its still under maintenance but I am working on the back end!).

Today though I simply cannot ignore writing about my FAVORITE full moon of the year! The full pink moon in Libra! Hello, my favorite color is pink, I’m a Libra and love full moon magick! But what IS the full pink moon?

The full pink moon represents the appearance of spring and transformation. ALL new moons are a period of transformation, but to me this one represents the most beautiful. The dark and cold of winter has blown away and we are ready to blossom. With the full moon being in Libra, this is a good time to focus on the balance in your life. Have you been working too hard and playing too little? Whatever it is your intention going forward should represent your transformation into being a more balanced, and therefore whole individual.

I would love to get into how to handle this crazy retrograde period but i will save that for another day when I myself am more informed. Let’s get through one crazy thing at a time. BLESSED BE! ❀




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