Just Life

Just Life

I have been so busy with work and added job responsibilities and a blossoming love and social life that I have neglected my little blog a bit! I plan to do another segment this week on memorizing the tarot, so keep your eyes for that, and today I am doing one about safely travelling during retrograde.

I have completed almost 50 out of 90 of my real estate hours and I am itching to finish so I can get out there and start selling real estate! I have found a very exciting, adventurous, and beautiful human to spend my time with. He is a wild child like me and we just clicked right from the get. He bought me flowers on Ostara and always acknowledges my wiccany/witchy ways and actually loves it about me. We have started working out and training together and he is the BEST work out partner I’ve ever had. He pushes me but he also cheers me on and we have so much fun. I see and feel a beautiful thing blossoming here ❀

I haven’t been able to go to yoga lately due to finances but am hoping to catch a class or two in the next few weeks.

My sister and I leave for NYC on April 20th and we couldn’t be more excited! I just adore spending time with her and love that our friendship and bond has strengthened over the past few months.

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a lot of time to focus on my spirituality or reading the books I love so I am going to make that a priority going forward because its taking its toll on me mentally. I feel very out of touch with myself and I love myself! I need to get back to me and do some meditating and zen shit. I never want to be the person who is overcome by work and school responsibilities but that’s kind of where I am right now and I hate it…but all things considered I am very happy and blessed with how life is going.

I can’t believe it was just a little over 3 months ago I started this as a means to channel my energy into something positive to help myself heal. I survived! I am still flourishing and learning more about myself everyday.


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