Mercury Retrograde Pre-shadow AKA PMS

Mercury Retrograde Pre-shadow AKA PMS

I have been talking to all my friends about the weird funk/slump we are in and I was like “well Mercury is going to be in retrograde soon. Does retrograde have like PMS?” Sure enough after doing some digging, I found we are in pre-shadow. Or as I like to call it retrograde PMS.

HOW are we going to survive retrograde when we are already all funked out? To make matters worse, I am travelling to NYC during retrograde in full swing. I DID acquire some Comfrey to make some sachets to bring with me and my sister for safe travels but what was I thinking booking a trip then? You can use any number of herbs and prayers to protect yourself during retrograde. When we reach that point I will dedicate an entire post to it.

Has pre-shadow been phasing you at all? I feel tired, lethargic, worn out, unmotivated and overwhelmed. I haven’t meditated all week and when I do reiki I feel physically worn out.

For more information on the dates of retrograde and pre/post shadow click here Retrograde Info

May the odds be ever in your favor friends! Blessed be.



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