Memorizing Tarot: Suit of Wands

Memorizing Tarot: Suit of Wands

I simply could not slack off on the blog and memorization post any longer! Life has been one adventurous ride though the past few weeks. Today I attended a sales meeting at Berkshire Hathaway and have decided to sign with them when I get my license in less than a month! I am so excited to embark on the real estate journey! Since the last few memorization posts have taken several hours for me to complete I am going to restructure them a little different going forward. I will still include pictures and both upright and reversed position meanings, but you will notice a shorter description and the photos will be at the bottom of the post. I hope you still enjoy them and find them helpful! So here we go 🙂



The suit of wands is the representative of the element fire. Wands represents wants, intuition, spirituality, and inspiration.


Upright: The Ace of Wands is the “go for it card”. You are showing extreme potential for success in your endeavors. Breakthrough moment. Can sometimes show an energy that you don’t know how to place or utilize. Listen to your intuition.

Reversed: Difficulty figuring out or defining what you want. Weighed down by responsibilities or commitments. Delays.


Upright: The two of wands plays off the Ace of Wands. Where the Ace is about wanting and a desire to start a new path or a breakthrough moment, the two of wands is about putting it into action. You have the world in your hands (just like the card shows) you just need to start planning and putting it into motion.

Reversed: You may be fearful of stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals or you have not been organized enough with it. If you get a reversed two of wands you should organize your thoughts and plans. Conversely,you may also be too convinced or cocky about your potential success.


Upright: This card represents commitment to your plans. Your plans should already be well underway and the future possibilities lay before you. Opportunities to expand your horizons, travel, business plans, etc. Embrace change.

Reversed: Unaccomplished in the goals you have set for yourself. A feeling of wasted time. Do not engage in long term relationships when this card is present.


Upright: Harmonious home life. Celebration. Marriage. A good time to get together with family or loved ones. One of the most positive cards in the deck. Reaching a milestone on a project or endeavor.

Reversed: Lack of harmony. Unstable home life. In a relationship, someone might not be looking for long term.


Upright: Conflict. Change. Chaos. Competition. When working in a group it could represent brainstorming. Encourages diversity in differences of opinion.

Reversed: You may avoid conflict at all costs when the 5 of wands is reversed. A sigh of relief after a period of struggle. Stay committed to your goals to achieve something.


Upright: Success. Public recognition. Confidence. You have not only achieved your goals but also harnessed your success and taken it in stride. Build on your personal brand and continued success. Sometimes it can reflect too much self-importance or inflated ego.

Reversed: Doubting your abilities. Trying to achieve too many things at once. Low confidence or self esteem.


Upright: Struggle. Uneven footing. Obstacles on your path to success but they can be overcome. Hold your ground. Defend yourself and your position.

Reversed: Overwhelmed by challenges. A feeling of competing with others. You may be overly aggressive in defending yourself or afraid of conflict with this card in reverse.


Upright: Freedom to move forward. Speed. Air travel. Rapid completion of something. Bursts of energy. No stopping you.

Reversed: Delays. Slowing of progress. Too many ideas or projects at one time.


Upright: Represents being close to finishing a project when you encounter a setback. A final test or challenge before you can obtain your success. Turn a new leaf and keep on going. You are almost to the end.

Reversed: Hesitant to commit. Defensive and on edge. Don’t make hasty judgments. Sometimes can reference paranoia.


Upright: Even with the completion of  your goal it comes with a great deal of responsibilities and stress. Serves as a reminder that sometimes we take on too much in our lives. Over-worked or oppressed by outside sources.

Reversed: Holding onto a burden that is not necessary. If you are going through a struggle it will soon pass. Could mean you are not facing your responsibilities.


Upright: Change and new beginnings. On the verge of a new discovery. Willing to give anything and everything a go. Enjoying your business and projects. Someone trusted may be entering your life.

Reversed: You have tried new projects but they have not been successful. Obstacles or opposition in endeavors. Immature and self image problems.


Upright: Energy, passion, lust and action. Pursuing an idea. Impatience and impulsiveness. Act first, think later behavior.

Reversed: Frustrations by delays. Saying or doing things you may regret later.


Upright: A strong leader focused on her desires. Knowing what you want and how to get it. High energy, busy lifestyle. Fertility, health, and vibrancy. Center of attention and extrovert behaviors. Can sometimes be stubborn.

Reversed: Someone behaving pushy or manipulative. Selfish. Resentful and jealous. Lost confidence in oneself. Recent fall from grace leading to embarrassment.


Upright: Visionary, change the world attitude, fire energy, and looks forward to challenges. Adrenaline junkie. Goal orientated. Natural born leader.

Reversed: Rash decision maker. High expectations for yourself. Can be overbearing or pushy at times.


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