Happy Ostara!

Happy Ostara!

Blessed Ostara all! Man life has been busy lately! I didn’t get the chance to write my memorizing tarot post last week. I need to brush up on the swords and the cups and then I will move on to the wands around mid week for today’s focus is obviously Ostara! I am so lucky to have a boyfriend that supports my witchy ways. We have a fun little night planned to celebrate. We are going to blow out eggs and color them for the altar and plant some Rosemary and Mint in pots on the deck. I intend to eventually have a full selection of herbs but this is my first time planting any and I have not been known to have a very green thumb with plants indoors. So I am going to start out with some basics in pots and see how I do. Having such a small yard is also a challenge but luckily my deck is pretty big and I hope to be able to keep them in pots. There are other rituals famous on Ostara that we will be partaking in but I will spare you the details and you can use your imagination 😉

Since this is only my second Wiccan holiday I have celebrated I am not as prepared as I hope to be in the coming years. Next Ostara I will bake some traditional goodies and gather Ostara spells ahead of time. I am pleased to announce that I am not longer really acting as a solitary witch! My friend has opened her heart and mind to Wiccan and put together her altar and we have been working together on different spells and rituals. We call our baby coven “bitchcraft” (reference to American Horror Story Coven). So between the shift in my love life and adjustments with friends I am feeling a lot of love and support in coming out of my witchy closet.

What are some ways that you celebrate Ostara or Spring Equinox?



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