Clean House: Metaphorically and Physically.

Clean House: Metaphorically and Physically.

As a Libra, balance is very important to me. If there is any aspect of my life unaligned or out of balance I feel depressed and anxious. The past few days I have been feeling more stress with work than normal, my house duties have fallen by the wayside, I haven’t spent much time with family and I certainly have not been meditating and connecting with myself enough. That is a part of life….we take on projects, get busy living and before you know it there is an imbalance.


So what would a witty witch do to bring balance and harmony back in her life? I have a lot of things I am working on so I needed to come up with a game plan and thought some of my readers may benefit from learning how to tackle the slumps we all experience!


I had a VERY adventurous weekend and that did not leave a lot of time for domestic duties and yesterday I was too busy catching up on rest to take care of it. I allowed myself that day to recharge because that is equally important. After work I came home and took a bath and caught up on some reading and shows…but today is a new day and its time to get things in order. Something we witches can do while cleaning house literally, is focus our intent on also clearing out the clutter in our hearts and mind. Here is how its done: while sweeping, doing dishes, laundry, etc. whatever it is…burn a white candle and a black candle. Open a window and before you get to cleaning ask the God and Goddess to banish the negative and purify yourself and your space. While you work on physically cleaning, focus on weeding out any thoughts that are not serving you. Excessive worrying – banish it. Replace it with positive thoughts per the law of attraction. After the cleaning is done sage the room and waft the negative energies out the window and allow the candles to burn down. Do this with intention and focus and it feel like a weight has been lifted.


After such vigorous mental and physical work it’s a good idea to bring yourself back and ground yourself. After a person runs a marathon, they usually treat themselves to rest and relaxation. You’ve put in some serious physical and mental work and now you deserve the same. This varies per person and per your religion, spirituality etc. I generally like to meditate with a select few crystals or do reiki on myself. I follow that with some pendulum work or a tarot reading and journaling in my book of shadows about the experience. The end result usually has me feeling warm, content, and balanced. If for whatever reason you are going through something more than just regular old blues  you can use this time to do a depression/anxiety banishing spell. When I am doing this “wind down” routine I like to sip peppermint tea and listen to the reiki station. You may also select a relaxing incense to burn. This is also a good time to write out a to-list or schedule to visit with family or whatever it is you haven’t been attending to. Get it out of your head and leave it on the paper (but do follow through with it).

90% of the time this overhaul followed up with chakra/spiritual work makes me feel immensely better. In today’s busy world, its easy to forget that taking some time for yourself is important.  Keep your space clean and sacred. Keep your heart and mind the same. Blessed be! ❤



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