Warriors For Women

Warriors For Women

Happy International Women’s Day all you beautiful beings! ❤

I want to take this very special day to reconnect with a project I started that got put on hold. It is VERY important and dear to my heart and I wasn’t at a place that I could devote my whole heart and soul to it and that is something that is needed for this line of work.

In November 2016 I started the process of opening a non-profit organization called Warriors for Women. The idea came about after learning many lessons the hard way; through trial and error. When it comes to domestic violence and stalking, sometimes THERE IS NO TIME FOR ERROR. I had been put through the runner with the justice system one too many times and it took a lot of determination and grit on my part to get the law to work in my favor. The problem with that is no victim should have to feel like they have to sway the law to protect them. Being stalked or abused is already traumatizing enough. So I consulted a dear friend of mine who had gone through some similar issues if not worse and we came up with the idea to open a non-profit to help guide women in need.

With all things it takes time, patience, and planning and we are just at the very start but I am excited to be back on track to get everything off the ground. For those who have been following the progress of this thank you for your patience while I took a much needed moment to breathe and grow. Now I am back and tougher than ever and ready to go at it again. Keep your eyes open for more details. Next week is when I will start going full steam ahead putting in several hours each day to get this off the ground.

Blessed be, especially all you strong women.




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