NOW OPEN- The Witty Witch Boutique

NOW OPEN- The Witty Witch Boutique

There is always something to be thankful for. (1)

Hello all! I am working on A LOT of projects right now! I am going to continue this week’s work on memorizing the minor arcana and we will be moving on to Swords. I also have been brainstorming some deep blog pieces AND gotten the ball rolling again on the non-profit organization I opened for victims of domestic violence. I had to take a step back from the non-profit for awhile because I was in a bad place mentally and needed to focus my energy on healing myself and my creativity. Things are rolling along nicely though and I am spiritually and mentally very sound and happy right now! SO THAT BEING SAID! Keep your eyes peeled for more posts and info and check out the Etsy shop! There will be a ton more added over the next few months but these first three items I spent a lot of time concocting. Each ingredient was carefully obtained and researched. I make each order as it comes in so you get the freshest batch possible. I include with each purchase an incense and some loose lease sage as well. Mention you got linked from WordPress and I will take 10% off your first order.

The Witty Witch Etsy Shop

Blessed be! ❤



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