My Monday Toolbox

My Monday Toolbox

Last week I did a piece on why Monday’s should be our new favorite day of the week. I wholeheartedly stand by that, but after fighting off a fever and stomach bug in bed all day yesterday with back breaking pain from laying on the couch all day, I definitely feel like the wind was let out of my sails this morning. Not even the new cinnamon almond milk macchiato could put a pep in my step. So I consulted the alter and brought to work with me for my break time my tarot deck, pendulum and two extremely healing crystals. For that, I want to feature the properties of these crystals I am carrying with me all day.



Sodalite is a highly spiritual and healing stone. When used in meditation it can elevate you to a higher frequency mentally and help open your third eye. The stone helps you remain true to yourself and understand your core beliefs. When brought to work and placed near the computer it can help absorb electromagnetic pollution. Sodalite helps eliminate mental confusion and calms the mind. Helps control phobias and fears. I chose this stone for this Monday because I tend to get overly anxious and wound up when I am sick or fighting a bug. I need to focus on my work day and not so much on the illness I am combating. This stone can be carried or worn whenever you are feeling an unbalance, confusion, fear, anxiety, or need to open your third eye.



Crazy lace agate is a healing stone that brings laughter and joy and heals emotional pain. It promotes clarity for decision making. Can also stimulate your stamina and energy. It is said to be a stone of harmony that dispels bitterness and resentment. This is a good Monday stone because of the harmony it provides. I have had a lot going in my personal and family life and I like that it dispels upset and brings forth harmony and balance.


My favorite kind of work break is when the office is empty and I can take my 15 minutes to do a quick reading or card of the day and consult the pendulum for the week.

Happy Monday and Blessed be!


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