Why Monday Should Be Your New Favorite Day.

Why Monday Should Be Your New Favorite Day.

I know what you’re all thinking. The Witty Witch has lost her DAMN MIND. But hear me out.

We have all experienced the euphoria we feel on a Friday morning when we open our eyes and realize we have one more day to get through at the office before we can sleep in, enjoy our free time and have a little less cares in the world. When the clock strikes 5 and you are powering down your computer and revving up your internal engine for some fun it’s like the adult version of Christmas. Then Sunday rolls around and you might experience what I used to frequently get…the Sunday Blues. Pondering what emails have rolled in over the weekend, what new tasks are going to be a burden in the upcoming week, and what responsibilities have been added to your plate while you were busy enjoying your weekend. The thing about that is if it is Sunday, and you’re thinking of Monday, you are not TRULY living your best life and having your best day. Remember, the cardinal rule to living a happy life is to be present; live in the now. Ok, well what about Monday morning??? Surely you can feel justified in being in less than a stellar mood and even down right grumpy on a Monday morning because that is the present right? WRONG. I have already gone over the law of attraction and how it works…the same rules apply for even the most Mondayest of Mondays ever. Here is HOW you can make your Monday your new favorite day and you will see WHY it should always be your favorite day.

It is not a coincidence I chose to write this piece during the new moon. To wiccans and those that follow the moon cycle, the new moon is essentially one big Monday. It is the start of something fresh and new. We write down our affirmations for the upcoming moon cycle, reflect on how far we have come since the last new moon, and put forth our intentions for what is to come to us. Even if you don’t care about moon cycles, you can essentially use Monday’s in the same fashion. Here is how:

If you don’t already have a habit of doing this everyday, Monday’s are a good time to start practicing, and perhaps it will carry over into the rest of your week. I get up early each morning before I start real life (aka the gym and work) and burn some incense, pray, and meditate. I affirm how my day is going to go for me and reflect on what I want to achieve throughout the day. It gives you the opportunity to start the day with a clear mind and grateful heart. There are days when I am too tired to get up and do it (today was one of them), and I notice a huge difference in my attitude and mental clarity. It takes some practice to make it a habit, but if you start with Mondays, you may notice a huge change in your day and week. Of course your ritual can vary to whatever serves you. Mine often also includes a card of the day tarot reading, choosing a special crystal to take with me to work, and even a self healing reiki session. Perhaps you want to just start with writing in a journal for a few moments about what you want to accomplish this day or week. Maybe you want to just sit with a cup of coffee and think about the week ahead, whatever you do, make sure you are keeping it in a positive light so as to abide by the law of attraction.

If you are STILL having trouble wrapping your head around this whole Monday thing, here are some other suggestions:

  1. Use Monday to start something fun and exciting. Is there a new hobby you have wanted to try but been pushing off? Make it a goal to have Monday be your starting point. It will give you something to look forward to!
  2. Accomplish something you normally procrastinate on. I am in Real Estate school and it is so boring….so I find myself procrastinating through it during the week, but I have made Monday the day I get quite a few solid hours in and I feel accomplished and am more likely to continue the trend throughout the week.
  3. Everyone knows the cliche “I will start my diet Monday”. DO IT. Do your meal prep, do a workout, and reflect on it afterwards. How did it feel to make yourself a priority and actually stick to the plan? Pretty amazing!
  4. Start a fun weekly tradition. Maybe this means meeting the girls for happy hour, taking a Monday night Yoga class, finding a new show you like and binge on it for a little bit after work. Whatever it is that will create a sense of happiness and peace.

This will undoubtedly take some patience and practice, but I have faith that you can at least find a silver lining each Monday! Blessed be you beautiful beings!

Monday morning you look so fine
Friday I got travelin’ on my mind
First you love me, then you fade away
I can’t go on believin’ this way
I got nothing but love for you

-Fleetwood Mac



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