Just Burn Me at The Stake.

Just Burn Me at The Stake.

I write this today with a heavy heart. For the first time since I started educating myself on Wicca and coming out in the open about the good in it, I was attacked by someone I love for it. Saying that its evil and satanic. This is the reason I have posted multiple blogs on the facts and fiction surrounding Wicca. Obviously this person has never taken the time to read the blog. I had to explain that the majority of my practice is burning incense while meditating with my crystals. What is so evil about that? WHO am I hurting? Any “witchcraft” I practice is harmless. I do not put intention out into the universe to hurt people, rather I put out vibes to help heal people. This is why I got certified in Reiki because I want to spread peace, wellness, health, and happiness.

So I will put it down FOR THE RECORD AGAIN. I don’t “cast spells” to harm people, I don’t worship the devil, I still pray every day. I would even venture far enough to say that I am WAY THE FUCK MORE SPIRITUAL than the majority of conformist Christians I know. I thank God in every walk with nature with so much gratitude that my heart feels like its swelling. I ask the universe and God to bless every person I come in contact with. I accept every living thing into my heart and soul with grace. Just because I enjoy making bath bombs and candles with herbs and flowers does not make me a sinner. Just because I cleanse my house with sage and ask for protection at the Full Moon, doesn’t make me a devil worshiper. The ignorance and blatant disrespect for my thoughts and feelings hurts me to the core because I have been doing nothing but radiating good vibes lately.

I will not let this bring me down though off my higher frequency. I am above that and will continue to rise.

I hope you all have a wonderful day with light loads to carry, sunshine, health and happiness.

Blessed be.



2 thoughts on “Just Burn Me at The Stake.

  1. I must say I do like your blog. I hate to hear about what happened to you. I have fought people who live to attack us all my life. There are times you can’t combat ignorance. I know that is rather harsh but the truth is the truth. Perhaps this person will come around or perhaps they won’t, either way continue to hold your head up high and be proud of what you are.
    Lady A

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