A Different Side of New York.

A Different Side of New York.

A few months back I booked a fabulous trip to commence in April to New York City with my then boyfriend, best friend, and her husband. Upon an unfortunate series of events I find myself with my solo plane ticket and hotel reservation looming ahead. No matter, I have flown to New York solo many times, but I have never had a solo vacation in the City. I usually stay on Long Island with friends. I am actually beyond excited about this. You see, my itinerary was full of touristy stuff I had already done. I was going to basically be a tour guide for my friends and ex who had never seen the majestic city I know and love. Now that all 3 of them are unable to attend I am going to use this trip to my advantage. I have already started looking up Apothecaries and quirky things to do and see. Here is a list of things I will be adding to my itinerary:

Enchantments; Occult Store 

This little gem is located in the East Village, a part of NYC I haven’t explored as much. It has rows upon rows of books, candles, and all things magick related. It is New York’s oldest occult store and gets praises from people all around the world.

Flower Power Herbs and Roots Shop 

This is also located in the East Village, so I will be visiting here the same day. This shop has a ton of loose herbs, pure extracts, salves, incense, pure essential oils, etc. All the things right up the alley of holistic healing. 5th Avenue is always worth a visit, but this time around I think I will be spending more time in the East Village.

Crystal’s Garden 

Also located in the East Village! Man, why have I never gone there before?? Has crystals, plants, all the basic hippie things I know and love. I can’t wait to visit all these adorable little gems!

Central Park 

Yes I have visited Central Park every time I go to the City, but it is HUGE and I have barely scratched the surface. Strawberry Fields is obviously a must (the John Lennon Memorial). Last time I went there was a hippie there singing Beatles songs and the memorial was covered in flowers. I also have yet to see the Alice in Wonderland Statues. But let’s be honest….I will be wandering around with ziploc bags and glass bottles collecting from the City’s only nature source to add to sachets and witch’s bottles lol!

I am going to have to do some further research on other things to do and see that I haven’t yet. It is my tradition to get dressed up and have a fancy dinner in the City so I am looking forward to romancing myself in the glow of my favorite City’s lights. The beautiful thing about New York though is you can just wander around with head phones on and be in another world entirely. There is always something to do, see, smell, and explore.

Me in NYC in the Spring before brunch

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