My First Psychic Reading & Physical Transformation

My First Psychic Reading & Physical Transformation

Normally I would separate out two such different blog posts, but I am feeling super energetic and want to get it all down in one flow.

Yesterday I went had my first psychic reading from a medium (I obviously do my own tarot daily, but my third eye is not wide open like hers). I decided to go see her after I listened to my friend’s recording of her experience with her. It was astounding how accurate she was. She instantly picked up on the fact I am in school, strong, creative, skilled, smart, and talented. Much of the personal items she touched on I won’t get into…but I will say she knew names and characteristics of people close to my life. She also asked if I was a healer as she saw Archangel Michael and a green light surrounding me. I told her I just recently got certified in Reiki and she said I should utilize my healing power more on animals than humans because humans tend to suck energy out of me. This was actually spot on, as sometimes when I work on someone that has a lot of stuff going on, I feel very wiped out and sad. That is the empath in me sucking up everything. She did connect me with my late grandfather and brother and let me know they have both crossed over and are happy and watching over me. The characteristics she described my brother as having were him to a T. He was being quirky and protective and funny over me like he was during his time here on Earth. Him and the psychic told me I am ok and will be ok. In fact, I will be very successful and need to stop holding myself back from opening my third eye completely. She even told me my grandpa is listening to the blues in heaven. My grandpa LOVED the blues, specifically the blues brothers. She answered a lot of questions I had about my brother, our connection, my current situations and what I should do going forward. I feel very enlightened and like a burden was lifted off my shoulders. She allowed me to record it so I can listen to it in times of need. If you are local here is the link for her store: Kass Huff

It was easily the best $50 I ever spent and very eye opening. With that I left feeling invigorated to stay on the path I am on.  So as of today I am going to really push myself to get my physical well-being up to par with my mental well-being. I have always been pretty diligent about what I eat and working out to some extent but I want to really push myself with clean eating, Yoga, and my circuit workouts to get back on track. Although I love myself and encourage everyone to handle themselves with grace and kindness, I also acknowledge when there is room for improvement. I have an obtainable goal of losing 15 pounds and gaining muscle and I know the kind of work that requires and intend to be very mindful in all my workouts and meal prepping to help get me there.

I hope everyone is having as enlightened and blessed day as I am. Blessed BE!


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