FACTS & FICTION About Being A Wiccan.

FACTS & FICTION About Being A Wiccan.

It’s difficult when you adopt a new religion or belief system that takes you from what you knew growing up and what is widely accepted. Like many, I grew up Christian. I wasn’t incredibly devout, but I definitely had a strong relationship with God and Jesus. When did I question that belief system and when did I change my heart and mind? It started when my brother killed himself. Christianity will have you believe that your loved one has not been allowed entry into Heaven. The God I knew and loved my whole life surely wouldn’t shun my loving, smart, kind, and funny brother because he had a mental illness would He? Then my Grandpa killed himself. Then my cousin. & I was still in turmoil thinking they were banished to Hell for their actions. That was the moment I began to question it all and lose my sight. So for years I have been wandering around with my heart and soul half ass invested in a religion. Fast forward to a few months back. I began meditating and using crystals as  a natural method to combat anxiety. I have ALWAYS been drawn to Magick. I spoke on this in my opening blog. I never thought it was an option to live my life by it though. The crystals and incense turned into picking up a few books on Wiccan practices and then a full blown research went underway. The more I read, the more this felt like home. Now, my FACTS and FICTION might not be the same as every other Wiccan. You will find that Wicca is a very flexible, accepting, and forgiving religion. What I am going to tell you is based on my beliefs.

FICTION: Wiccans Worship the Devil 

This is absolutely FALSE. Wicca is about spreading love, kindness, healing and light into the world. How many devil worshiping folks do you know live by that motto?

FICTION : Wiccans Do Not Believe in God 

Again, completely false. This gal believes in God and Jesus. My view on God however is probably a bit different than yours. God to me is an entity. He is all things and touches every part of the universe. He isn’t a guy in the sky that controls your life and lets shitty shit happen to you. He realizes that we are the masters of our own universe and is there for guidance when called upon.

FACT: Wiccans are Tree Huggin’ Hippies 

Much of the Wiccan religion is closely tied with nature and the blessings we receive from it. We feel a deep connection to nature and all living things.

FICTION: Wiccans Curse People 

To be Wiccan one does not even need to practice the Craft, however the majority do to some degree. Are there Wiccans that practice Black Magick? Yes. Just like there are priests that molest and rape children, every religion has some bad eggs. The general rule though is to only practice White Magick. The motto literally is to do no harm to others and using Magick that can sway a person in a certain direction unwillingly is not considered White Magick, neither is “cursing”. & Let’s clear up the Magick thing really quick while we are at it. We do not believe we can snap our fingers, say a chant and light a candle and all of a sudden the Universe delivers us our hearts desires. Magick is more of setting an intention out into the world using tools we believe help carry that out. Kitchen Magick is even more believable because for centuries people have been using herbs, oils, and spices to cure maladies and promote well-being. We are just old fashioned folks that do things different than you and then call it “magick”.

To summarize, I am not an evil person. I am actually more full of love and life than I ever have been before. I sit in my cottage and meditate with crystals and rocks, I bless people from afar, and I do rituals during the full moon, but that doesn’t make me a weirdo. I also go to work from 9-5, watch trash TV, go shopping with girlfriends and everything else most other 29 year old girls do.

I hope in reading this, if you are not a Wiccan, this has enlightened you a bit on the ways we work. Blessed be!



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