Reiki for Addiction.

Reiki for Addiction.

Today’s focus is Reiki and its effects on recovering addicts or detoxing addicts.

If anyone knows a thing or two about addiction it’s me. Both sides of my family have a long line of addicts. Heroin, alcohol, pills, you name it, we’ve done it. I personally struggle with alcohol abuse and have sat in the ICU watching my brother breathe through a ventilator because of a medically induced coma no thanks to Heroin.

Addiction is a heavy load to carry. Forget the weight of the world on your shoulders. You have not only the weight of the world, you have your demons, your battles, societal judgement, angst, fear, and sadness weighing you down. You have a feeling of hopelessness that makes every day a battle. Your body hurts, your soul aches and your heart is numb. People are angry with you. You have lost people. The loss is impacting your ability to physically and mentally function. Sometimes you think the world would be a better place without you. But the world needs you. You know why? Because we are the strong ones, we are the warriors. We have walked through the shadows and slept with the devil and lived to tell the tale. Anyone can roll over and let the world fuck them sideways but the ones with real strength stood up to the toughest critics; ourselves.

So you have admitted your problem and started working through it day by day, piece by piece. Some days are harder than others. But there are resources for us to thrive in this life. Reiki is one of the many.

Reiki is energy work that balances you and makes you feel whole. Reiki releases angst, tension, stress, worry, and aches. Reiki can virtually pull the demons out of you. There have been studies that those withdrawing from alcohol or drugs have entered a session shaking, sweaty, and sick, and left with no tremors. The tremors did not return. Reiki is wonderful for addicts because it not only works on your physical well-being but also your mental health.

Addicts know that Reiki, meditation, AA, NA, etc. alone will not heal us or keep us in recovery. It takes our own will to live and our love for ourselves, but Reiki can be used as a tool to assist in the journey.

If you are suffering from addiction or in recovery, I urge you to try Reiki and you are in my healing thoughts and prayers. If I do a Reiki session on you I promise to invest every ounce of healing power I possess to help you overcome this. We are in it together.

Blessed be and Namaste!



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