Crystal & Herb of the Day 2.15.17

Crystal & Herb of the Day 2.15.17

I have decided to start a feature on The Witty Witch where I go over a select crystal and a select herb each day. This will show case the healing properties and uses of each. I got this idea after receiving “The Crystal Bible”.  There is SO much to learn about Crystals! I figured I would add an herb in there too, because what kind of Witty Witch would I be if I didn’t educate people on how to use herbs for more than just flavoring food!


This truly is an amazing crystal! I chose this one because I picked it up this weekend because of its properties that help with asthma. As the season is beginning to change to the beloved (and dreaded) Spring, my asthma has taken a turn for the worse. I prefer not to suck on my inhaler like a lollipop because of the jittery side effects. Last night I was feeling a bit wheezy so I laid on the couch and placed the Apophyllite on my chest. Within moments the wheezing subsided without the use of my inhaler. I was in shock! Apophyllite has many other benefits as well. It’s a powerful crystal that can be used for the following: 

  • Can be used in Reiki Healing sessions. It is actually referred to as THE crystal for Reiki. It serves as a conduit for pure, universal energy. Since Reiki work is all based on energies, it makes sense to use one during a session to channel that energy appropriately.
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • During meditation. Place on the third eye Chakra.
  • Emits powerful vibrations to relieve anxiety
  • Spiritually uplifts you – hold on to while praying or meditating
  • Can alleviate allergy symptoms
  • Can be placed over tired eyes to rejuvenate.

Apophyllite comes in many different colors, shapes and sizes but all have the same primary function.





HERB OF THE DAY: Lemongrass 

I wanted to showcase an herb that would work well with Apophyllite. Lemongrass is not well known as being an herb that brings a spiritual awareness, but it does! It is best used when one is feeling unmotivated or is procrastinating. It can be brewed in a tea form, or rolled on in the form of an infused oil. It also helps with the following: 

  • Helps keep healthy levels of cholesterol
  • Detoxing- helps flush out harmful toxins
  • Digestion – can aid in treatment of ulcers, IBS, and other digestive disorders
  • Respiratory- can help with nasal/sinus blockages and colds and coughs
  • Infections- Lemongrass is an antiseptic and may ward off infection
  • Skin care- helps those with oily or acne prone skin
  • Aromatherapy- Revives the mind and soul

Lemongrass can be used in an essential oil form or in pure herb form. Can be used to infuse teas (loose leaf) or added to baths, lotions, and other beauty products. Can be inhaled for aromatherapy effects.



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