Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


I have been making my own supplies for some time and then started to come up with ideas for friends that needed some holistic healing in their life and thought it would be awesome to be able to spread that to everyone! This is not for a huge profit, prices will always be fair for my time, work, and supplies, and I promise to pour all the energy, love, and light I can into each product. My supplies are starting to roll in and I will post once the Etsy shop is up! Here are some items I will offer at first:

Herb & Essential Oil Fused Oil – These can be used for anointing candles or rolled on before meditation, yoga, work, etc for an enlightened mood or sense of clarity (determined by herbs and oils used.) A few drops can be added to bath water for the same effect.

Custom Herb Sachets – You tell what you’re experiencing and I will make you a custom Sachet of Herbs soaked in Essential oils that can be left in your car, thrown in a bath (similar to steeping tea), left by your bed, etc. Herbs and oils have immense healing properties. Each Sachet will be cleansed with Sage and a personal prayer to bless it before shipment.

Hand Chosen & Cleansed Crystals – I will make trips to several crystal shops and hand choose different crystals that have different healing properties. I will sage cleanse them and bless them before sending off as well. These will also be available in a necklace variety for those who like to wear their crystals throughout the day.

UPDATE: Also adding Soy Candles in Mason Jars infused with herbs and essential oils and blossoms!



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