Please Stop Asking if I am OK.

Please Stop Asking if I am OK.

I had such a lovely weekend it’s almost painful that it’s Monday again! As you all know I got certified as a level one Reiki healer and have had the chance to practice on a few people already. It’s such an enlightening and healing experience, I could easily become addicted to it. Yesterday I spent a wonderful afternoon with my step mom. We started out at The Crystal Voyage picking out crystals, pendulums, books, etc…for well being and for my Reiki practice. We had a delicious lunch and then window shopped at Pier 1 and World Market. Well, I bought a lantern at World Market to hang from the ceiling and some Lavender and Sage tea lights for it. She then let me practice Reiki on her and even let me do a Tarot reading! I also ran into my very dear friend at the Crystal Voyage! So much light and happiness 🙂

All that being said and no matter how hard I push through the rough moments, I am still a human. Yes I am putting 100% effort into evolving into a wonderfully awakened being, but I am still hurting from a broken heart. I have accepted that this is a time of transition and that nature will take its course one way or the other…but that doesn’t make it easy to handle everyday. The hardest thing is when people ask me if I am OK. It just serves as a reminder that I am not all the way OK. Or asking me if I have spoken to him…These are not things I want to talk about. Here are my areas of focus:

¤Reiki, positive vibes, sobriety, hiking, yoga, friendship, love, happiness, wealth, abundance, and acceptance.

If I can love and respect his decision to take time he needs for himself, please understand that I am doing the same for me. Here is my PSA – YES, I am ok, but NO, not all the time. Does anyone just breeze through an area of transformation with no ups and downs? No. Any kind of life change no matter how positive can take the wind out of your sails from time to time.

I do not write this to be critical, point fingers, or be rude. I LOVE that you guys care enough to check in with me…but let’s talk about something that doesn’t pull off the scabs of my healing wounds.

Thank you and Blessed be! ♥



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