Officially Reiki Healer Certified.

Officially Reiki Healer Certified.

Yesterday was a much needed day for me. I started the morning out at yoga with my good friend Megan, who is also a Master Reiki Healer. After class we went back to the cottage and she went over all my Reiki training material and did a session on me. I have never received Reiki before and wasn’t sure what to expect. For me the experience was pleasant and relaxing. I felt warmth and vibrations in my body and there were points where the energy felt like it was swirling around inside of me. She spent a lot of time on my Crown which was WIDE freaking open and my Root which was entirely closed off. Given my current circumstances that makes sense. After the session was over and as the hours went on and even today, I feel more balanced and calm. I did a Reiki session on myself this morning too and plan to practice as often as possible on myself and others.

Now this is the exciting part. After my session we went through the ritual of her putting the Reiki symbols into me which is what makes me a Reiki healer. After which I did a practice session on her. At first I felt self conscious and awkward because hello…she is a Master healer and I wasn’t even sure I would be able to “activate” Reiki correctly. I did though. The palms of my hands were throbbing and hot with energy. I began to let go and allow my intuition to guide me through the session. At one point when she was on her stomach and I was working on her Heart Chakra, there was a lot of energy going on in that area and my hands wouldn’t sit still, when I finally found a spot that felt right she looked back at me and says “did something just click, do you feel that?” OF COURSE I felt it, my palms were radiating with the energy flowing between us. It feels AMAZING receiving and giving Reiki. If you have never received Reiki I would highly recommend it. You don’t even have to necessarily believe in its power, you just have to be open to receiving it and your Reiki Healer will do the rest.

After the session we walked down to the beach and collected shells and sea glass and did some Tarot. It was overall a very zen, relaxed, and eye opening day. I know my hands will never feel the same and I extended every ounce of gratitude I have into the universe for making me a healer.

For those that know me personally, if you are interested in receiving a session, reach out to me. I am doing them free of charge while I am at level one!


Blessed be all!


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