The Full Snow Moon, Lunar Eclipse and What it Means for You.

The Full Snow Moon, Lunar Eclipse and What it Means for You.

Happy Full Moon Friday! This segment will dive further into the importance of tonight’s moon position and what it will do for you going forward.

Many people casually check their horoscopes and make jokes about the full moon but whether you’re an avid follower of astrology or a random daily horoscope checker, the heavens are doing their work all the time and tonight it will be nothing short of spectacular.

Generally the exact position of the moon is not crucial in full moon ceremonies or acknowledgements, but this is an exception. This month there will be an occurrence of 2 master numbers in numerology tied to the Snow Moon. These numbers are 11 and 22. 11 is tied strongly with twin flames. It is believed when when an 11 appears (this includes 11:11) its a sign our twin flame will be coming into our lives. 22 is tied with intimate relationships and considered to be a master builder in numerology. 11 brings the opportunities and possibilities  where 22 makes it come true.

During this time our Sun will be in strong and independent Aquarius and the Moon will be positioned in Strong and Fiery Leo.

What do these numbers and signs mean for you? Leo is passionate and focused on your heart’s center and master numbers 11 and 22 bring forth possible twin flame opportunities. The heavens are literally perfectly aligned for you to find peace, comfort, and love which may have been unraveling the last 6 months.

Spend this full moon putting your new plans and hopes into action. Use this moment for passive reflection. What has been happening the last 6 months in your life and what do you WANT to happen the next 6 months?

Friday and Saturday allow your eyes (and third eye) to open completely. Take a moonlit walk and breathe in the Full Moon air. Set your intention going forward and pay attention to shifts in your daily routine. Things are happening for you. Just because there is a strong emphasis on relationships and love, this is also an important time to focus on ALL relationships including friendships, with yourself, and careers.

Now, if you are not a firm believe in astrology and moon ceremonies, you can leave it at that, setting an intention for yourself and opening your heart to awareness. IF you are like me and like to give the universe a little push in your favor, here are some Full Moon ritual ideas that you can put into practice.


  1. Cleanse your sacred space with sage and opening prayer. Burn incense for full effect. Invite your spiritual guides to attend the ceremony at your side.
  2. Light your altar candles and meditate for a moment, breathing in the night air (open a window if you are inside).
  3. Write down on different slips of paper or bay leaves what you want to purge from your life. This may be a habit, a toxic relationship, an attitude, etc. Burn the slip of paper or leaf and say “be gone” and extinguish in a dish.
  4. Thank the spirits
  5. Put out your flames (never blow out, always snuff candles).

After you have purged the negatives, you can do a separate similar ceremony to ask for guidance and set your intention. The best color candles to use are White Altar candles in general, but you can use any color that corresponds with what your intention is (see the candles tab under menu if you are unsure.)

whatever you do, use this time for reflection, growth, and awareness. The universe is on your side! Blessed be.



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