My Favorite Witchy Shops

My Favorite Witchy Shops

Hello all my spiritually awakened little cherubs! I didn’t sleep as well as I had hoped to and the icy roads made it impossible to get into the gym before work but alas, I have made it! Today when I got to work I had two very needed little packages on my desk. As I have mentioned before, mornings are hard on me. It’s been a chore to get out of bed each day, but I gotta keep on keeping on…so seeing my anticipated packages neatly wrapped and waiting for me was a reminder that the Universe is kind and always delivers. The first box was from the Etsy Shop, Enchanted Witchcraft. Celia, the owner, is a delight! She wraps everything so beautifully and always leaves a hand written note. I had ordered some Rose Quartz and a little herbal love potion bottle. I am going to figure out some sort of ritual to do with them to help alleviate the pangs of heart ache. I have ordered from her Shop before, and it’s always been a wonderful experience, but it meant just a little more today. She has beautiful candles, oils, herbs, etc. Here is her link : Enchanted Witchcraft


Now, I order from A LOT of different Etsy shops. I am a firm believer in supporting small businesses as much as I can. There is a bigger company though that has completely won my heart over as well. It’s a subscription box service called Goddess Provisions. For $33.00 a month you get a box full of goodies to cater to the Goddess in you. My first month was last month and I was so impressed I decided to stay on and I was not disappointed! This month’s box includes:

FLORA REMEDIA LET GO PERFUME: Essential oil blend made with willow, honeysuckle, and star of bethlehem floral essences to help you let go and conquer obsessive thoughts and behaviors. [An OCD girl’s best friend!]

1HOUR BREAK ORAL SPRAY: Spray this Kava Kava, lobelia herb, passionflower and lemon balm tonic under your tongue for a fast and natural way to relax and unwind.

MODERN MINERALS LIP GLOSS: this “luv of Attraction” crystal-infused lip gloss combines pink camellia flowers + pink tourmaline with a Lotus Wei blend of lavender, chamomile, rose and neroli. [Hello, if that doesn’t make you feel like a  Goddess I don’t know what will!]

CHOCOLITA LAVENDER DREAMTIME BAR: Melt into sweet dreams with this delicious raw chocolate bar made with heirloom cacao, soothing lavender, gotu kola and mugwort. [Who wouldn’t want to indulge in some chocolate before bed that helps you sleep AND has mugwort in it!?]

BAD GIRL GOOD TEA FLOWER CROWN TEA: Sip your tea and allow your crown chakra to bloom as you take in this magical blend of organic green tea, white tea, oolong tea, marigold blossoms, rosebuds, cornflower petals, pineapple, and mango. [This is a loose leaf tea, its as pretty as it sounds!]

TECHNICIAN OF THE SACRED STICKER: Raise your vibration with these cosmic flower mandalas. Use both stickers to adorn your car, laptop, or favorite water bottle with flower power.

POLYCHROME JASPER: Jaspers grounding quality will help you root down and connect with nature. Each piece is a unique blend of colors, with red spots known for enhancing passion and yellow spots for strengthening willpower. Hold the stone in your palm to balance the emotional body and take in its unique healing energy. [THIS is exactly what I needed to add to my crystal collection!]


As you can see, these are not low quality or tiny samples. I have a lot of experience in the subscription box department, everything from hiking supplies, food, and makeup. This one by far exceeds expectations! Many of these items retail value is well above the $33.00 monthly price. You can sign up for it here: Goddess Provisions

I have much more to blog about later in the day but I wanted to give these two businesses the recognition they deserve and thank them for helping make my day that much better! Blessed Be! 🙂


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