When Your Tarot Reading is a Hot Mess..

When Your Tarot Reading is a Hot Mess..

What a lovely surprise to go to sleep to rain drops and wake up completely snowed in! The cottage looks like a cupcake this morning. I was blessed to keep my power while many around me have lost theirs.

Weekends are difficult on the road to sobriety and healing an aching heart. The quiet hours are innumerable and I am left alone with my thoughts. Although I have definitely progressed past wallowing, there is a stillness and a sadness that permeates the air if I allow it. So I decided to do a little meditation and tarot yesterday. The first reading was an absolute mess…you know why? My head was a mess. I had not properly set my intention, I had not tapped into my inner eye at all…I was simply trying to distract myself. I would not settle for that reading. That is the beauty of Tarot. It is NOT a means to fortune tell, rather it is a tool to tap into what you already know and what the universe knows for you. So my advice if you are getting a random reading that is nowhere near your reality is this; turn on the reiki pandora station on low. Light MANY white candles (I also added yellow, blue, and pink since many parts of my being need direction right now.) Light some bamboo or wind incense (or whatever is refreshing and uplifting) and for good measure I meditated with my amethyst to really open up the third eye chakra. In selecting my cards I took as much time hovering as needed to really feel the right card and sure enough, this reading was much more accurate and hopeful. My future card was the World reversed, which shows me that there will be continuing barriers and obstacles in the way for me to get past, however it does not mean I should lose hope or sight of the goal. I perceived it as a warning from the universe to stay focused and not allow my mind to get clouded or I will become my own worst enemy. Aren’t we all our own worst enemy sometimes?

I have been met surprisingly with not much skepticism or backlash for coming out of my Wiccan closet. There are some who laugh and regard me as silly but that’s totally fine. The thing is I don’t practice the Craft for others. I do it because it has spiritually awoken my mind and body. I feel bad for people who never try to reach into the depths of their soul and peel back the layers of their mind. Who take a bad mood in stride and don’t realize how easily and quickly they can jump onto a different frequency and change how they are feeling. Just this morning when my eyes opened, per standard lately, I first felt that gaping hole in my chest. I took some deep breaths, rearranged my thoughts and am better for it.

I hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful Monday!


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