Yesterday I was in such a positive state of mind. I had started listening to the Audible version of “The Secret” and felt so empowered by the Law of Attraction. I visited some friends and felt a little more at peace today than I have the past two weeks…but then the dreaded happened. My ex reactivated his Facebook and my friends felt the need to tell me. There he was…out living his life without me on display for the world to see. I tried very hard to hold on to that positive frequency I had been riding all day but when i woke up this morning I was hurting. I broke no contact and I felt AWFUL about doing it. Where is my willpower?

The thing is I am a human and I am grieving deeply. Simultaneously trying to grow more than I have ever grown before. Spiritually, mentally, physically and in my career. Setbacks are normal…but I need to hold on to the higher frequency. I need to keep radiating that light into the world and focus on the Law of Attraction and my spirituality which is blossoming each day. Waves of emotion are to be expected. I have no control when they hit, but I have control over how I react to it. I almost didn’t blog today but that would be a sign of defeat. I am stronger than that.

The Universe is a kind, loving, Universe. I need to put my faith and trust in that. I need to TRULY 100% focus on the present and myself…for that is all I have control over right now.


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