My Perfect Imbolc.

My Perfect Imbolc.

Despite my recent hardships and darkness I had a beautiful and peaceful Imbolc. Although it was a frigid temperature, the sun was shining so I left work early and walked the block from my house to the beach. Surprisingly I had the entire beach to myself! I had brought my crystals in my pocked and a bag to collect sand and leaves for my Imbolc ritual. I cleansed my crystals in the salt water and took time to examine all the shells and beauty of the earth. It was a GORGEOUS day to wander the beach alone. As I was walking up the steps to leave the sandy area, I spotted a branch with flowing green leaves. There are no plants on this particular beach so imagine my surprise! It felt like a perfect gift from Brigid. I put it in my baggy of sand and started the trek up the hill, making sure to keep my eyes peeled for signs of Spring. I had started to lose hope of seeing any blossoms because there was still a fine glittering of frost and I hadn’t spotted any yet and was almost home. I didn’t Β mind though because I had my magical branch I found. However as I was rounding the corner, in a completely desolate flower bed, I saw the tiniest of purple blossoms poking up amidst all the glittering frost. For the first time in days I smiled up at the sky and thanked God for the beauty that remains and that is still coming.

Later that night I used my sand, leaves, white and red candles, and frankincense incense to meditate and pray. It was so beautiful. The wind had kicked up later in the night and my wind chimes were going crazy. At first I was scared but then I just tried to think of it as Spring coming in with a bang. πŸ˜‰






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