New Week,

New Week,

In the wake of my break up I allowed myself exactly one week to be a hot mess. Not eating enough, drinking gallons of wine, crying, binge watching sex and the city, not washing the dishes, and sleeping away the pain. But now that Monday is here, it’s time to re-focus my thoughts and energies. I have done a little bit of meditating and chakra balancing, but when your body and mind are tormented with grief, it hardly helps. So here is my plan of action to keep me accountable for personal growth this week:

  • Gym everyday
  • New diet starts
  • Blogging/journaling
  • Make homemade soap!
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Meditate and pray every day

I also delved into a new book a little bit this weekend and it was fabulous and informative about the history of Wicca (image below):


I also ordered some rose quartz because my poor fragile heart needs some healing light. Although the absolute raw pain is more dull now, the depression and other stages of grief are setting in. I have to rise above this and come back stronger than ever, there is no other option. I hope you all have a blessed and peaceful week! ♥


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