A New Chapter in My Book

A New Chapter in My Book

My whole life I have been intrigued by Tarot, mystical magickness, Gods and Goddesses, and was probably the first 12 year old to ask for a Tarot Deck for my birthday. As I got older I always held an interest in it, but didn’t “practice it” or believe in it anymore. Two months ago I started searching for natural ways to help with my anxiety disorder. I started meditating and playing with my tarot cards again to focus on being mindful. This led to me reading up on crystals, chakras, herbal remedies, etc. etc. I became hooked. I started picking up books on Wicca and Paganism and had an AHA moment. This was the life for me. It grounds me and keeps me mentally clear. In my journey I have learned that Wicca is VERY misunderstood. I grew up a Christian and believed all Wiccans were evil, horrible people that cursed people and did Black Magick. That simply isn’t true. Wiccans believe in spreading nothing but kindness and love into the universe because they believe in the Karmic Law and Rule of 3; meaning everything you put out into the world will come back to you three times. Further, not ALL Wiccans are witches. They are not one in the same. However, many Wiccans do practice the craft. This doesn’t mean to say they are throwing curses around and fly to work on broomsticks. Many Wiccans or witches are like you and I. We go to work from 9-5, wear jeans and T-shirts to hangout with friends, and are honest, hard working individuals. It simply means they believe in a slightly different version of a higher power. This blog is intended to be a recording of a sort of my journey to awaken my mind and spirit. A week ago my boyfriend broke up with me and my whole world shattered. This blog is also going to be a means to distract my busy mind and sore heart. To have a place to put all my magickal little findings on this journey.



One thought on “A New Chapter in My Book

  1. I absolutely love this! What a amazing way to explain the beauty of this lifestyle! I’m so blessed to be a part of your journey πŸ–€


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